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By Metris Black for Tantus, Inc.

A high-quality sex toy may seem like a splurge, but the value goes deeper than just the pleasure you get from the design. Think about it. If you won’t put it in your mouth then why would you put it anywhere in your body? Body-safe silicone is essential for your health, not to mention lasting longer and feeling better. Let’s take a look at some of the elements determining the quality of silicone.

Tantus Sex ToyThe Name Game  

Let’s start with how products are labeled. One of the most important things when talking about sex toys is the adult novelty industry is unregulated. Manufacturers can create any ratio of materials and label however they want. Product content descriptions and ingredients are not required set forth by a governing body.

People always ask: is it possible to have ‘blended’ products mixing silicone and other rubbers? The answer is, Yes! A classic example of this is ‘siliconized’ caulk. The kind you use around a bathtub or shower. While it is a combination of latex or acrylic and silicone oil, it certainly is not a 100% silicone product. Our industry may advertise novelty products similarly. Labeling items as ‘Silicone’ or ‘100% Silicone’ when they may only have a marginal amount of silicone, such as silicone oil. In order to understand what makes a toy  ‘silicone,’ we’ll have to get a little nerdy.

Tantus Sex ToyStudying Silicone

Let’s talk science for a moment. Silicone is a polymeric elastomer. It’s a chain of molecules made of silicon and oxygen and combined with silica and other materials. It is what strengthens the final product and makes into a stretchable, tear-resistant solid. Technically, all silicone products are blended because pure silicone crumbles and is not durable. Therefore, silicone must be reinforced with additives. This is what gives products strength and stability for it’s intended use.

Analyzing Additives

Now let’s discuss fillers. Some additives such as dimethyl silicone fluid or dimethicone, which you can find in most silicone personal lubricant, act as a filler. They do not contribute to a solid silicone’s structural integrity. Oil fillers can leak out of a solid material which is why some sex toys leave a grease stain when placed on paper or cloth.

Other additives like pigments can lower a product’s integrity and increase toxicity. Tantus uses only non-toxic pigments that do not affect the product’s quality. Although silicone can also be formulated with antibacterial properties, Tantus’ use of silicone, embedding those elements can add higher than expected levels of toxicity to the material. Plus, it tends to kill helpful bacteria within the human body.

Dimethicone is one of the most inexpensive fillers, costing only $1 per pound. While pure silicone can be costly at around $50 per pound. Once blended, the raw silicone material can cost anywhere within this range. It simply depends on the amount and quality of a product’s additives versus the purity of the silicone. Tantus creates their own unique formula. We formulate the right balance using enough additive which maintains the quality and durability of our 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone products. Tantus is consistent with achieving the purest silicone within our industry. This is why Tantus’ high-quality sex toys make sex extremely safe and pleasurable. Our products are even safe to use with some premium silicone lubricants. They don’t react with our ultra-premium silicone.

Tantus Sex Toys

Pondering Porosity

All silicone is technically porous. That’s because it’s comprised of cross-linked polymers. However, the porosity and density of a product are based on the how each of the elements is blended. High-quality silicone has low surface energy, making it hydrophobic (afraid of water) and naturally bacteria resistant. Without water, silicone’s tiny pores cannot conduct to bacterial growth. Softer silicone, on the other hand, is a loosely cross-linked polymer and has a higher level of porosity. Conversely, the harder the silicone, the tighter the cross-linking and the less porous the material.

We are often asked if it is possible for silicone to retain an odor, even after cleaning. The answer is yes—though silicone is naturally bacteria resistant, it is still porous can absorb smelly gasses. Thankfully, Tantus’ 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone toys can be heated to 250 degrees and can be placed in an oven to bake out odors.

Tantus Sex ToysGrasping Grades & Certification

Another question we are asked is what how is silicone graded? Most silicone is not graded. However, there are grades of silicone representing different types of testing certifications, not necessarily of material differences.

  • Food-Grade Silicone is certified through extractable testing. This is when the silicone is weighed before and after being left in an environment. This helps measure the amount of material released under certain conditions.
  • Medical-Grade Silicone is tested for toxicity and skin sensitivity, especially when used in the body and against biological membranes. Using “real” medical grade silicone—not just labeling a retail package “medical grade silicone”—means using a product that is certified safe for use in and against our most delicate areas which includes the mouth, genitals, and anus.

Tantus uses its own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium silicone. Our products undergo rigorous toxicology testing for use in the human body.

Getting Titillated with Tantus

Tantus is the first company bringing body-safe, silicone sexual health products to mainstream America, as well as the rest of the world.

Tantus is passionate about your sexual health and safety. As a small company built on honesty, integrity, and passion, we’ve are perceived as the underdog. We fight for consumer rights on pleasure and safety each and every day. Education is just another part of our mission too. Protecting and empowering our customers is our priority.

I hope this article helps satisfy the nerd in all of you. I also hope you find this information enlightening as to why you may pay a little more for a high-quality sex toy and why we feel Tantus is the right choice! Thank you for supporting Tantus. We invite you to join our mission of Good Clean Fun and being part of the Tantus Pleasure Revolution.