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Virtually every sex toy company is working on creating something new and exciting for the end user. With technology and smartphone apps, sexual pleasure is now limitless. The Tantriss Umie, however, stands out in many ways.

Tantriss UmieThe Umie is based on the ancient practice of Tantra. The company worked with Tantra experts in creating a host of vibrational patterns commonly used during tantric sex. They really homed in on the movements of breathing and were able to package it into a sex toy! From its shape to its design to its internal functions to its vibrational frequency, this vibe lets couples explore the path toward sexual enlightenment. But don’t let a little tree hugging get in the way of your orgasms. The Tantriss Umie works just as well for regular pleasure seekers too.


You can tell a lot about a product just by the way it’s packaged. The Tantriss Umie Vibe comes in a see-through box, making it easy to see the vibrator. We’d definitely think it’s a worthwhile gift for someone special. Also included is a travel case, instructional guide, and full USB charging system.

Tantriss Umie

Aligning Your Chakras

Even if the Tantriss Umie doesn’t do much to make you feel enlightened, you will still love their unique vibration patterns. I really did experience a more uplifted sensation after having an orgasm with the Tantriss Umie. Maybe it was because of the super-soft silicone exterior or the little ancient guru hiding inside, but the tantric vibrations were truly different when compared with other vibrators. Using microchip technology, the Umie has expanded beyond tech-novelty with some powerful technology.

Tantriss UmieVibe + Dating App?

With the Umie, the power of trying out a new lover is in your hands, literally. For instance, let’s say you meet a really hot guy at a coffee shop and want to take him home. But your mother’s voice is in the back of your head telling you otherwise. The Tantriss Umie lets you play before you pay using a community-based App. Give said hot guy a link to the Umie App instead of handing over your personal information. A potential paramour can control the toy’s App from anywhere using voice activation for adjusting the intensity. The really cool thing is if you don’t like the way they play simply swipe and poof they’re gone!

Geeks Rejoice!

The Tantriss Umie is the perfect tool for geeky couples because it lets anyone create your own modes. Need that perfect morse code message—or want to play your favorite song rhythm—yep, the Tantriss Umie can handle that too. However, you may want to try one of the 100 pleasure modes before making your own.

Tantriss Umie

Down Side of the Tantriss Umie

Tantriss UmieMy husband and I have an agreement on not bringing electronics into the bedroom. So, I had a hard time explaining why the cell phone was in bed with us again. But for the sake of “trying” out a new vibrator, we agreed just this once…or twice…or you get the point. I understand why people don’t see the justification of integrating sex with technology. Sex is a time where you are connecting intimately with you lover (or yourself). It was fun using the App a few times but found it more of distraction after a while. Plus, I do not like having to wipe the lube off of my iPhone after all the heavy breathing is done.


  • Hundreds of vibrational settings.
  • Community App offers virtual hookups.
  • Very quiet and powerful motor.
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Amazing silicone exterior.
  • Waterproof.


  • Don’t like having a cell phone in bed while having sex.
  • Only available in one color