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Written by Liberator Contributor: Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Tantric ritual brings pure energy into our sexual experiences by slowing the mind’s movement and creating ecstasy through all of the senses. We are all Divine beings and inside each of us is the power of being a Tantric lover. Tapping into your Divine essence requires that we get out of the mundane, more than any time ever before. Turning off our phones, televisions, and streaming devices are essential for seeing each other through loving eyes.

66Many people believe Tantra is exclusive to having sex. To be exact, Tantric Ritual is not all about sex. This practice does not require couples twisting their bodies into a Kama Sutra position. In fact, Tantra is about bringing presence and sacredness into your relationships and creating a conscious connection with your partner. It is about love which often incorporates sex, but it is also about experiencing life. Tantra combines both spirituality and sexuality which helps deepen your self-awareness, bringing about empowerment. Tantra is essentially a sacred way of living.

Healing Through Tantric Ritual

Tantra is a safe method for healing shame, guilt, and non-acceptance of our sexual selves. This sacred practice is useful for clearing emotional debris from the first two chakras of the body—a place where so many of us store unconscious shame and judgment. Opening up and healing this part of ourselves helps us tap into our own beautiful, creative gifts. Living a Tantric life also expands our awareness for balancing the feminine and masculine to feel whole. When we clear ourselves through Tantric Ritual, we can then see the Divine in all things and experience the world through love and acceptance.

Being a Better Lover Through Tantra

Inviting more presence into lovemaking lets couples create stronger bonds inside the bedroom. Below are seven ways for experiencing extraordinary moments with Tantric Ritual.

1. Make the Bedroom Your Sacred Place

77Clean bedding clears away residual emotions and energy. It an invitation for experience scared moments on a clean slate, per se. Plus, there is nothing like the sumptuous and sensuous feel and smell of freshly laundered linens. Tantra is about accessing all of your senses with beautiful experiences.

2. Set the Stage

Create an altar with pictures or belongings that have significant meaning for you both. Prepare the ground with things inciting sensuality and arousal. You can light candles and incense together and build positive intention. Also, taking a bath or shower helps with the bonding experience. As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. What better wahy to show reverence for your partner than wiping every slate clean, including your body.

3. Positive Intentions

Before you begin, Meditate together and set the intention to make love. Envision a third-energetic field enveloping around just the two of you and connect your higher selves. Meditating just before lovemaking helps you connect with the true heart center. With each breath, move the focus toward making love with your whole being rather than “having sex” with just the mind. By consciously raising the energy, you’ll begin to experience a different types sensations throughout the body, and not just the genitalia.

4. The Allure of Touch

Give your partner a massage. Tantra slows the down the arousal process and makes every moment together feel special. Besides, massage gets your body fully prepared. You will feel completely present and will be able to love more deeply. An excellent way to start off is by rubbing your partner’s hands, fingers, feet, and toes. Avoid touching genitals. However, you can still tease areas such the buttocks, ear lobes, and even the forehead.

885. Look and Listen

Commit to being present during your lovemaking. Eye contact is essential for creating intimate bonds with your partner. Let your lover know if you have a tendency for leaving your body during sex. Communicating with your partner to stay with you through eye contact can be enough to keep your partner with you consciously. Being present during lovemaking allows vulnerability to occur. Emotional walls come down and let the love expand.

6. Gentlemen, Hold Your Seed!

Believe it or not, there are many benefits to retaining your semen. Traditional Tantra teaches and encourages men to hold off on ejaculating. The reason for this is most men feel drained after having sex. By holding ejaculation at bay, it will make you feel more energized. You will start feeling more focused, clear and present as a result. Furthermore, holding off leads to hours of lovemaking, not minutes. During this time, don’t be alarmed if your erection ebbs and returns. Seed retention takes practice and patience. The reward—-orgasmic waves flooding your entire body, not just your genitalia. When you feel the moment arising take a deep breath and expand your sexual energy up into your stomach, then toward your heart; expanding it upward into your forehead.

7. Let Go of Agendas

55The focus of Tantra is not about the destination—it’s the journey you both take together. The practice of Tantric Ritual lets couples enjoy a more circuitous route. By that, I mean, creating sensual circuits with slow, soft touch, gentle kissing, feather-light caresses. Taking at a slower pace leads to deeper and more powerful expanded experiences.

It’s Little Things that Count

You don’t have to redecorate your bedroom or spend money to enjoy the extraordinary experience that Tantric Ritual provides. These are simply suggestions for creating more presence in your love life and sexual experiences. With Tantra, there is no rushing the results. Taking the time to enjoy each moment bring you closer to happiness, joy, and bliss that you so richly deserve. Notice my smile?


Jennifer Elizabeth MastersJennifer Elizabeth Masters is a contributor for the Liberator UnZipped Blog. She also owns and operates the blog Aphrodite Effect. Jennifer specializes in helping individuals and couples overcome and heal past trauma. An intuitive healer, she guides people toward living authentic, happy and joyful lives. Jennifer truly believes that self-love leads us on a path to greater happiness and love.

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