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So you know you’re kinky but you want to meet like minded people and learn more about the things that interest you. Where do you start? How do you find local munches, meet ups, and events?

My recommendation is that you make an account on Fetlife. It’s free to join and participate, although some features are available to members who support the site financially. As I’ve mentioned before Fetlife has tons of groups, at least one is bound to focus on an interest of yours. These groups have discussion pages and forums where you read about a ton of topics and post your own discussion to learn more. You can search for groups, events, and fellow kinksters by area as well. This will help you find events and groups local to you.

You should read about the rules of the group and check out a few of the discussions. Post a discussion thread introducing yourself to the group. Introductory threads are a pretty common thing, and they can let people in the group know if you are new to kink, new to the area, or looking for events and education opportunities. Sending private messages to people in your area and members of the local groups may be a way to get connected and start building relationships with people before you attend an event. This can also ease the nervousness, knowing you’ll be seeing a friend at a munch or other event.

In my local community, there are probably at least 15+ munches. The Atlanta community is pretty large and you can find some sort of event almost every night of every week. Some of these munches are for everyone, some for the younger crowd, some for the older crowd, some for polyamorous people, some for Tops and Doms, some for Bottoms and s-types (s-type is a way of grouping submissives and slaves under one term).

I’ll be attending a couple of munches this weekend, which is pretty awesome. Last weekend I had to miss a munch due to work but was able to make the play party afterward, so I still got to see my friends and hang out with like minded people. Now, not every munch has a play party attached to it, but many will try to get together at least once a month to spend time together where play is a possibility. These parties can be a great time to learn how to safely engage in a variety of play, watch awesome scenes, and get to people. You might even be able to approach someone about a doing a scene in the future or that very night.

So if you’re looking to get involved in your local community, get on Fetlife and check out groups and events in your area and get involved!