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Written by Sex Educator and Squirting Queen, Lola Jean 

Allow me to address the puddle in the room: Squirting is not pee. Gushing is not pee.
Have you ever tried to pee on anything that is not a toilet? How about on another human being? Golden’s require a certain amount of effort. So, quit worrying about peeing during sex and let the body do its job. Take it from someone who has had a squirting orgasm whilst a butt plug and diva cup were both in their respective holes.


The Truth about Squirting

While squirt also exits out of the urethra, I do not associate the feeling with that of urination. It’s more of a complete loss of control—at will to my body and it’s accomplishments. I am able to squirt or gush with more ease and frequency than achieving an orgasm. Though, when the two happen together, it is a feeling unlike any other.


Professional Squirter

I find the act of gushing pleasurable, sexy and empowering. I, too, can ejaculate on people’s faces. From my lips to yours. Consider me The Face of Squirting on Faces. Lola Jean, the Squirting Kween. Often, I am asked if everyone woman can squirt. While the jury is still out and there’s no scientific data—yet—to prove one way or the other, it is my theory that every woman can squirt if she has the foundation of a strong pelvic floor.


No, I did not wake up with the ability to Dirty DJ my clit, which releases the mystical waterfall. I squirted involuntarily before I learned to harness the skill voluntarily. Much like an athlete, it is a talent I perfect with practice—lots of practice. And, much like an athlete, I use my athleticism to my advantage. A decade of squats transformed my pelvic floor muscles into jaws of steel.


I use my body as a science experiment, locking myself in my room and masturbating with different techniques, always attune awareness to my body’s reaction when I engage certain muscles or move my fingers in a particular fashion. The first time I am able to replicate the same squirting from sexual experiences in a solo mission was an ‘Aha’ moment to say the least.


My close relationship with my kitty and PC muscles allows me control to the extent where I could squirt without ever touching myself, simply by manipulating and clenching my muscles. I know what it takes to push myself over the edge and I’m not shy when directing others to do so. That’s why we call it a release. Pushing the body past what you think it’s capable of.


So often, squirting is articulated as dependent on a partners skills, however; the G-Spot is not the only key to the magic fountain. Where one vagina responds to clitoral stimulation, another could be a G-Spot Genie.


As a sex educator and high volume squirter, I am in a position where many women trust my authority so they may relax. Pushing past the mental block is just as—if not more—important as learning the physical techniques.


Being an exhibitionist I do enjoy the drama of pausing sexual activity to splay out my Fascinator blanket. At the same time, I take pride in my wet spots. I take pictures of the “damage I’ve done.” I am consistently in awe of my bodies proud accomplishments.


Take pride in your wet spots. It’s a work of art.


Squirt on.
Squirting Advice from Lola JeanLola Jean is a Sex Educator based in Brooklyn, NY. Combined with research and data, Lola draws from her experience as a wrestler, Pro Domme, and full-time sassy pants to help couples and individuals have better sex with each other and themselves. Determined to break through the illusion of porn and provide accessible and progressive sex education, Lola shares her personal experiences to demystify sexual experiences that may seem out of reach. She is currently writing a novel described as “Tucker Max meets Lena Dunham with an educational twist.”