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Do you find yourself getting aroused at the idea of a food fight? How about when you see someone accidentally sitting on their lunch? Well, my friends, welcome to the wild and messy world of Sploshing. Also known as Wet and Messy (W.A.M) it is when people become sexually excited simply from frolicking around in sticky and gooey edibles like whipped cream, baked bean, jello, oil, milk, or any other types of goopy goodness. Then there are those who love covering someone in goop and then licking, kissing or eating off their body. A full-on sensory experience, sploshing combines the best of both worlds—food and sex. It’ll definitely add more spice to your sex life!

Ignore what your mother said about playing with your food and enjoy our ultimate guide to sploshing.

Sploshing 101

sploshingBefore you start raiding the fridge or pantry and smearing edible delights all over someone’s nude body, it’s important to know that sploshing is not for everyone. Sploshing is different from other types of food play like feeding someone food before, during or after sex. W.A.M. can sometimes overpower your senses if not done right. A common occurrence with sploshing is when couples eat too much the first go around or end up creating an awful mix of sweet and savory treats. Sploshing takes time and practice. Eventually, you’ll get it right!


Although a fun and exciting experience, sploshing is extremely messy. If you’re interested getting wet and messy, we recommend using the Liberator Black Label Escape Wet. The ideal platform for slipping and sliding, the Escape Wet has a soft inner foam core and out PVC fabric that makes clean up a snap. Here are some other essential preparations you’ll want to take before whipping out the messy chocolate syrup.

  • Use a shower cap if you’re concerned about protecting your hair.
  • Keep some pre-moisten wipes handy.
  • Create a recipe list and have all food on hand. You don’t want to ruin the carpet by going back and forth to the kitchen.
  • Slightly defrost frozen foods can make them easier to handle.

Food Safety

Remember to keep things healthy when you’re playing with food. No, we’re not talking about non-GMO, organic fruits or veggies. But rather, make sure you take the proper precautions when using food for penetration. Dirt, bacteria, and especially sugar can result in very unpleasant infections. Although someone’s butt may be open for business, the vagina is a little less hospitable when it comes to inserting food. When in doubt, we recommend using condoms for penetration food play.


The Messier the Better

Some W.A.M. practitioners use substances like mud, shaving cream, body paint, body-safe lubes and licks. However, hard-core sploshers enjoy using messy edibles only. The combination of slippery, tacky, and creamy food items makes the whole sploshing experience a lot more erotic.

Perfect Sploshing Foods

sploshingAdding a variety of tastes and textures adds more dimension to your sploshing adventure. We recommend choosing bite-sized foods that are tasty, refreshing, and even tingling when brushed against the skin and palette. Here’s a grocery list of edible’s that can help amplify your experience.

Recommended Fruits:

  • Mangos
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Grapes
  • Banana
  • Pineapple
  • Pitted Cherries

Whipped cream seems cliché, but is a great staple for sploshing. Using the canned version keeps the cream stable and prevents it from souring. Another great thing about canned whipped cream is it can be sprayed all over the body and into the mouth.

Chocolate is another sensual food source that not only tastes delicious but offers amazingly varied texture. Chocolate is mailable and feels incredibly sexy when served either warm or cold. You can drizzle it on the most sensitive areas and then gently lick it off. Try covering your hands with Nutella and rubbing it all over your lover’s body.

Sploshing doesn’t always have to be slick or slippery. Create a more tactile, titillating sensation by using sticky syrupy treats like honey, caramel, butterscotch or jelly. Drizzling, and then rubbing, the sticky edibles on the body creates more friction and adds a little bit of pain with all the pleasure.

Your food play adventure does not always have to include sweet treats. Savory and spicy foods like oysters, cooked shrimp or sushi can work just as well, each offering up an unusual slippery and erotic sensation.