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We’ve all been told that “it’s not the size that counts, but how well it’s used.” When it comes to our favorite sex toys, we could not agree more.

Just like your cell phone, some vibrators have shrank in size, but grown in intensity and features. These teeny toys can pack a surprisingly large amount of power, and the compact nature makes hitting specific spots a breeze. The smaller stature also helps make these potent playthings an easy choice for travel, whether in a suitcase for vacation or a purse or pocket for on-the-go fun.

Some options, like the WeVibe Tango, are technically made for solo play. However, the Tango encourages sharing, and is crafted with both narrow edges and flat areas that can suit couples as well. The lipstick-sized device offers multiple vibration modes and power settings, and our Liberator testers were amazed at how much get-up-and-go was in such a teeny device.

Another option to use while unaccompanied is the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator. This sphere looks nothing like a traditional vibrator – because it isn’t. The ball is palm-sized, with the shape and controls ergonomically designed with a woman in mind. The Revel Body uses True Sonic resonating technology rather a traditional motor, and there are even four additional core tips available to help personalize your experience.

If you’d prefer something built for two, the WeVibe III is the world-renowned couples massager crafted specifically for dual-person pleasure. The WeVibe III is only three inches long, but the whisper quiet motor with nine vibration modes is thrilling for all involved. The innovative design is easily tucked away and won’t be recognized by those not in the know.

Small pleasures can also be good for stimulating other areas. The Picobong Tano is smaller than your favorite lipgloss, but delivers power like no other vibrating anal plug available. Focusing on directly stimulating the P-spot, the unique flared base offers the wearer complete safety and control at all times, is whisper-quiet, and, like all of our tiny favorites, can be hidden away discreetly.

But the smallest fun of all is Key by Jopen Pyxis. This vibe is meant to fit over the finger, and is only an inch and a half long. The five different vibration modes and waterproof casing means this miniscule massager packs a punch to the right spot every time.

So, when picking out a toy, try to keep in mind that it’s actually not the size of the ship that counts – it’s the motion of the ocean.