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Cold weather and monumental blizzards can lead to cabin fever, but don’t let the sub-zero temperatures deprive you from generating some extra body heat this winter. What better to kick the winter blues than to have earth-shattering sex with the one you love? Granted, wanting make-you-swoon sex and achieving it are two different things. To help in your noble quest, we have compiled a handy list of ways to turn up the heat using your Wedge/Ramp Combo.

Red-hot Positions

Save the butter churner for July, because sex in the winter calls for something special to generate more body heat. The Wedge/Ramp Combo has an unlimited amount of positions, so get creative! Just make sure those positions are up-close-and-personal to chase away the chills.

To get your imagination roaring, here are a few of our favorites.

Annie Oakley


The Pleasure Garden


The Wheelbarrow


Kindle Passion

For those devoted couples who have been using their Wedge/Ramp Combo for years, perhaps a change in climate is in order. Although there are a multitude of ways to use your Shapes on a bed, we suggest getting a fresh persepective—from the floor. The Liberator Lift offers a twist on your favorite positions for those who want a new way to explore. Simply stack two, three, or four or spread them to create a bonfire of lust in the middle of your bedroom.

Here are some ideas to set your loins ablaze.

Sacred Temples


Knock Knock


Eyes Wide Open



Why not create a playroom that is strictly designed for adults? The Flip Stage is an ideal platform for supporting your Wedge/Ramp Combo and creates a supportive place for unlimited passion. Unfolded, it’s a padded spot which makes having floor sex more fun and easier on your knees. Folded, it can be used for straddling and offers lift—great for girl on top.

Take a look at some of our favorite positions below.

Downward Facing Doggy


Sitting Bull


The Big Squeeze


Disable the Smoke Alarm

With days ending sooner, why not explore more of your darker side? The Combo Conversion Kit instantly turns your Original Label Wedge/Ramp Combo into a sexy play-station designed for fun restraint games or even some stimulating spanking. This innovative all-inclusive kit includes a sleek black cover which comes equipped with clips so that you can attach a pair of wrist and ankle cuffs, connectors, and has a blindfold.

You just opened up a whole new level of play using your favorite Shapes. Here’s some serving suggestions for a hot dish.

County Mountie


The Sneaky Snake


Cherry Topper


Brighten Up

Chase away the winter blues with a splash of color. Spruce up your Wedge/Ramp Combo with a brilliant Sapphire that matches her eyes, or blazing Flame cover to spark his desire. With an option of colors, you can shift the mood from gloomy to bloomy. Even better, throw your Wedge/Ramp Combo into a gear bag and take off to somewhere tropical!

Baby, it’s cold outside, but it’s nice and toasty in the bedroom. If you have any other ideas or positions to generate heat this winter, leave them in the comments!