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By Kalah, Liberator Love Artist


I’m going to make some assumptions. I’m assuming you or someone you know, or someone you heard about is a member of the LGBTQ community. My second assumption is that you are sexually active or plan to be (depending on that cutie at the bar).


I’m a simple woman. A lesbian who works in the sex industry.

So lets talk about sex.


As queer people, we learn about heterosexual sex starting with sex ed in middle school and keep learning about it in our culture. Gay guru Dan Savage said once that coming out of the closet is like a second puberty for many people. That made sense to me because for a while it felt like I was learning how to date all over again. If you’re like me you might have had some questions about sex, maybe it was your first time or you may have been wondering about why your sex doesn’t look like the porn you’re watching.




If you ever find yourself thinking, “I’d love to be a better lover,” then congratulations, you are good lover who’s probably in need of better tools.


But if you’re a queer person, there are obstacles. Products are marketed to heterosexual couples. No one taught you how to be queer. In fact, I was told that it was more likely that I just wouldn’t enjoy sex than the truth which is that I am gay.


Don’t worry, the love artists at Liberator have got your back. Check out Yes, there’s an entire section dedicated to same sex lovers. For my ladies, I recommend a clitoral stimulation gel. Pair that with the Black Label Hipster if bondage is your thing. For the boys there’s a Fleshlight Two Play that is a must.


Queer couples can absolutely benefit from the right positioning  during sex. Just think about putting all of your lover’s parts in the perfect place for shared pleasure. The possibilities are mouth-watering.



Have you ever wanted to buy a sex toy that would benefit the Human Rights campaign, America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality? Because you can do that too. You can combine pleasure and philanthropy and get a great way to position your boo for oral, too.


After lots of in-depth research involving first-hand experience, you know, for science, I can tell you that sex isn’t a science, it’s an art. Each artist has their own signature style, their own interpretation. Art isn’t about precision, artists are known for their passion and their attention to detail. The queer community is expressive and we are here to stay.


Express your love.




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