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The New Year is loaded with opportunities to inject more passion, heat and creativity into our sex lives, and depending on your zodiac sign, there are different exciting outcomes. Curious about what your future holds? Get a quick overview of the Liberator 2015 Sexy Forecast for all the sun signs below.



When it comes to sex, the Ram is really a sheep in tiger’s clothing.  It’s the love of the hunt that makes your sign such a strong and physical lover. Since sex is like a sport for Aries, you’ll naturally fall into a more dominant role. This is your year to be experimental and open minded, while pushing the envelope with adventurous sex with no location out of bounds—beach, pool, car, park bench or dentist chair. No experiment is too outlandish for an Aries. After all, you like to try it before you knock it!


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Sex with a Taurean is like taking a pleasure cruise on a steamboat, where the stamina is unmatched, but the adventurous side requires some prompting. For the one sign that is a virtuoso between the sheets, lots of variety is in store for you in 2015. Because you love being the center of attention and being adored, you’ll be a beacon for that special person who will want to rock your world. This year, try something exotic in the bedroom by exploring new pathways to pleasure. With your legendary stamina and ability to savor every moment, you’ll be able to release all that pent-up sexual energy.


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Like all other signs ruled by Air, the way to a Gemini’s libido is through their mind. Mental games, rapid fire riposte and sexual banter turn you on more than romantic gestures. However, 2015 will be the year when you will realize your potential for true passion with someone that inspires it all. This freak-in-the-sheets will nurture your romantic side while offering an abundance of mental stimulation. Because sex is the true nature of your cerebral sign, don’t be afraid to explore the unconventional.


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The art of seduction and sensual fantasies are never lost on a sign governed by water. Cancer’s are extremely skillful lovers and possess incredible intuition for other’s thoughts and feelings. This why you are able to turn any sexual scenario into an instant steaming bowl of reality. However, this is the year of not letting your still waters run too deep. When getting your own sexual needs and desires met, you’ll find the courage to open your mouth, clear your throat and speak about what turns you on.


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Because you’re blessed with the lack of inhibitions, every year is a great year in passionate sex for the Lion, and 2015 will be an especially sex-filled year. A fervent lover, you love the art of teasing and being teased. But due to an overwhelming level of self-confidence, you typically require less physical bonding and more control. This year however, the right person is going to bring out your more sensitive nature and rub that soft underbelly of mushiness you keep well hidden. When the opportunity arises, allow yourself to be coaxed into new sexual routines and rituals.


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Closely resembling that of military-planned precision, Virgos revel in the small details of lovemaking. Modest and conservative in many areas of life, you are more about fact than fantasy, so don’t expect role playing to be an automatic part of your bedroom repertoire. It’s often said that opposites attract and 2015 has something in mind for your straight-laced sign. To unlock your hidden passion and break down your guard, an unpredictable and unplanned encounter with an old flame may reappear. Be open to the idea that you both may have grown— it just might be worth the journey.


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Libran’s love seduction, foreplay, and plenty of sexy pillow talk. You appreciate the same treatment that you dish out and will work towards achieving physical perfection in the bedroom. But sometimes this leaves little room for imaginative play. In 2015, your affinity for love mixed with a heavy dose of lust is about to blossom and strike just the right balance. When the moment feels right, take some time to create your own personal erotic play-scape to feed both your mental and physical desires.


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A Scorpio can set a room full of people on fire with just one come-hither look. Impossible to resist your alluring sexual charms, you often hear ‘the best I’ve ever had’ which can lead to a great deal of residual sex-dust (tiny little sex particle pixies that can clog your sexual energy pipeline). Because your sign can be addicted to the thrill holding on to a lover or two at a time, this is going to be an especially erotic year. But you’ll have to get rid some previous relationship baggage first.


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Passion for knowledge, hunger for new experiences and a love of exploring new territory is all about your sexually driven fire sign. Your boundless curiosity mixed with high level of self-confidence is always an aphrodisiac for new lovers—like attracting bees to your sticky, tasty honey. For 2015, your innate warmth and emotional stability is what will lead you to a true and passionate connection. If you slow down long enough to let them buzz around, you’ll find it well worth the pause.


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In between the sheets, your sign applies the same attention to detail to lovemaking and can be surprisingly passionate if and when inhibitions are lost. Not really a fan of role playing, massage or touch-feely sex scenes, you’re more of a do one thing and do it well kind of lover. But this year, keep your eyes peeled for a partner who will be strong enough to trigger your inner satyr. Before you know it, you’ll be able to let go and share what really turns you on.


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Aquarian’s are risk takers and tend to push the envelope when it comes to sexual experimentation. The frisson from breaking the rules is exactly what turns you on, especially when you suggest an alfresco rendezvous somewhere in public. But this year isn’t about sexual shock value—it’s about balancing your desire for freedom with a partner who is very much their own person. Even though you may have done it all, they might bring to you a whole new level of sexual awareness.


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Quiet and unassuming, you are a flash flood of passion in the bedroom and offer liquid, intense pleasure. With Pisces being the hottest sign in the zodiac for 2015, you’ll feel more curious and will want to engage in a bit more of fetish and bondage edge play. When you’re ready to pull the trigger on exploring a new taste in sex, a reliable partner will come into the picture to spark your whirlpool of imagination.


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