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How to Rekindle Marriage & Improve Sex LIfe


“The Wedge/Ramp Combo saved our sex life.”

The Righteous Brothers could not have said it any better: “You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling.” Our sex life was gone, gone, gone. After 20 years of marriage, my wife was just not interested anymore, and I was on the verge of being too needy. Once (or twice if I was lucky) a month, we’d do the same old, same old. Someone would go down on the other one and then we’d have sex for as long as possible. But never long enough.

In the back of my mind, I kept wondering what to do next? Therapy? I hate nosey counselors. Open Marriage? That’s just going to make our problems worse. Hiring a prostitute? Sorry, not my thing. Divorce? I didn’t want it to come to that.

And then at the 11th hour, my friend told me about Liberator Sex Furniture, in particular, the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo. Honestly, I didn’t know if she would like it or not, but I thought it couldn’t hurt. I showed her the website and she was open to it, so I took it as a good sign.

Improve sex life

Having a glass of wine is a requirement before unpacking the thing. (Don’t judge. That’s the way we do it around here.) It comes in this tiny bag and when you open it, it expands instantly. We made jokes about how each of us would look like naked while trying the position guide. But I could tell she was excited about trying the new sex furniture. Being the consummate class clown, I could not resist giving her a wacky demonstration of my own. Already it was turning out to be fun.

Making it a game really broke the ice while figuring out how to use our new Wedge/Ramp Combo. At first, we could not agree on a location because she wanted the floor and I wanted the bed. The good thing is it led to a discussion about why she did not like the bed. We both agreed on a new location and placed the Wedge/Ramp Combo smack dab on the living room floor. The wide open space made it easy to for us to play.

Improve Sex Life

Let’s Start with Oral

Having access to the Liberator Position Guide made the first time feel like an adventure. No wonder they call it Bedroom Adventure Gear. I half-closed my eyes and pointed to the first position. It was the one for oral sex on me. So,  I laid with my hips resting on top of the smaller Wedge. I felt an immediate difference. My hips were thrust up higher than you would think from that tiny pillow. She recommended adding the Ramp to go under my back. This position was a huge turn-on and extremely sexy because I could see everything she was doing. Watching my penis enter her mouth added a whole new dimension to the experience. And she seemed to be enjoying it more too.

Position, Position, Position

Here’s a little secret, guys. Make your lady truly believe you’re a dynamo in the sack by memorizing the positions in the included position guide beforehand. That way you can move from position to position, like starring in your own porn. The seamless position changes and more confidence with maneuvering my wife made a huge difference in her interest. Believe me, she’ll love your take charge attitude.

I love my wife, but after that long of the same thing, you start to feel bored with it. The Wedge/Ramp Combo and its variety pack of positions was a fun way to getting out our rut and doing something new. It’s been a few months already and we’ve tried a whole bunch of positions. It’s a great way to get her interested by saying I thought up a new position to try. But my favorite is when she’s riding me backward…reverse cowgirl style. The Ramp offers just the right angle while the Wedge lets me thrust upward without straining my hip muscles. And with the added height, she can really get into the groove and stay on top a lot longer. (Pssst, got another secret. The Shapes are great for solo masturbation too).

His Recommendations:

  • Have fun while opening the package.
  • Don’t be afraid to take charge.
  • Use the Ramp to keep your head elevated for watching the action.
  • Study the position guide.

improve sex life


“I’m like a new woman with the Wedge/Ramp Combo.”

If you don’t use it, does it fall off? My vagina was probably full of cobwebs from lack of use. But the truth is I just didn’t think about sex that much. I was tired and really busy with work. I know my husband wanted it more, but something was always in the way. As soon as I got into bed, my day was over. Of course, I wanted to be intimate with him. It was just hard getting into the habit of sex. It was time for some excitement (and not the dressing up in cliché lingerie kind either).

Instant Sex Furniture

The hubby showed me the Liberator Sex Furniture website and I thought the Wedge/Ramp Combo looked kinda fun. So, I said, “what the heck, let’s buy the most popular one.” I loved the images but never thought of trying anything like that before. I thought something was wrong when it arrived in the mail. How did they fit those two products in such a tiny box? It must be a joke—like those people accidentally buying miniature-sized furniture from eBay. But there they were–the Wedge/Ramp Combo vacuum compressed in its box. I love how you can just slip on the (fabulously soft) covers and viola! Instant sex furniture. It was easy putting everything together. I was pretty eager to try them out.

Improve sex life

Better Mobility

It’s unbelievable how many positions can be done with the Wedge/Ramp Combo. The first night we only tried a couple. But each time we brought it out, we would try something new. I felt really exposed when first laying down on the sex furniture. So, I wanted to take it slow and build my confidence while understanding our limits. The bed would just make me think of sleep, so we started on using just the Wedge under his hips and Ramp behind his back on the floor. I have to say, oral was easier for me with it because his cock was right there and I didn’t have to stretch down as much.

Easy Does It

We kept things simple (missionary) during the first few times using the Wedge/Ramp Combo together. Then, still keeping it on the floor, we experimented more with his favorite position, doggy. This position has never been my go-to. But leaning across the Ramp, with my ass in the air and my chest resting on the Wedge, really amped up the sensations. I don’t know if it was the height, angle, or both, but I actually felt each stroke. Since I was not relying on my arms and knees to support all of my body weight, we were able to go a lot longer and harder. I could tell he was liking it too, which makes all the difference in the world.

After a while, we were feeling like a couple of sex pros and were coming up with our own positions on the fly. Then it happened—my first multiple orgasms! I was in the Take Flight position I saw on this blog. Me on my back with my legs on his shoulders and him standing on the floor off the bed. His hands were free to rub my clitoris and that did the trick. The really intense penetration I was getting helped a lot too. I honestly didn’t think I could do that!

Her Recommendations:

  • Don’t let yourself fall into a rut. Be open to new ideas.
  • Talk about everything so you feel comfortable.
  • Keep things simple—at first.
  • Make it a team effort to try new positions.

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