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When it comes to sex—there are so many choices. Be it sexual positioning, peculiar locations, unique sex toys, or various partners, there are so many options it would be extremely difficult to cram every single sexual adventure into one lifetime. One of the best ways of experiencing a more fulfilling sex life is by creating your own sex bucket checklist. Just like a regular bucket list, a sex bucket checklist includes all the racy things you want to achieve before dying. Why leave anything up to regret?

Making a sex bucket checklist is just the beginning, though. The true enjoyment comes when checking each item off as you go along.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a few ideas and products you may want to include on your sex bucket checklist.

Now, go forth and make them a reality!

Swing A Little

The Ultimate Sex Bucket ChecklistWhether you’re an active participant or a lookie-loo, going to a swingers club or party is a great way of interacting with people who are open-minded. Don’t know where to start, check out this blog article on swinging for beginners. If swinging is not your cup of tea, may we suggest a new type of swinging? The Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing Set will make you feel like a kid again—but in a very naughty way.

Peg Your Lover

The Ultimate Sex Bucket ChecklistStrap-on play a.k.a. pegging is a highly erotic experience for both the giver and receiver. We recommend adding this adventure to your sex bucket checklist, along with the Tantus Bend Over Harness Kit for Beginners This kit includes everything you’ll need for a full night of adventure.


Porn This Way

Making porn a part of your sex bucket checklist is a great way of inspiring new sexual experiences. Instead of going solo, why not make an educational event with your lover? With all the porn streaming available, you’re bound to find something unique and saucy.

Install Your Own Rodeo

The Ultimate Sex Bucket ChecklistRegular bucket list — ride a mechanical bull.  Sex bucket checklist — take on the Cowgirl. The one thing about this sex bucket checklist item is you will want to do it over and over again. Hot, sophisticated, and a monster of a sex machine, the Cowgirl is engineered with 1200 rpm of ultra-powerful vibrations.

Explore New Territory

The Ultimate Sex Bucket ChecklistFor many couples, anal is the last frontier when it comes to sex. And for other’s, anal is simply a no-go zone. We get that you may hesitate to put anal on your sex bucket checklist. But hear us out before nixing the whole plan. Anal play can lead to a whole different type of orgasm–both for male and females. For those feeling a tad timid, we recommend using a playful plug like the b-Vibe Snug Plug Series. These dainty plugs are super soft and really easy to use. And when you’re ready for something bigger, b-Vibe has an array of anal play products for adults.

Splurge A Little

The Ultimate Sex Bucket ChecklistBreak open your piggy bank and prepare to go on a different type of journey. Instead of a lavish bucket list vacation to Fiji Islands, invest in your pleasure with the LELO 15th Anniversary Suitcase. It has everything you’ll need for escaping to the land of pleasure and beyond.

Meet Your Master

The Ultimate Sex Bucket ChecklistEver since the launch of 50 Shades, people have been open to exploring the world of BDSM. Of course, having the right tools makes the whole experience much more exciting. You don’t have to be a pro-dom to enjoy the art of bondage. Simply add the Black Label ESSE Chaise II to your sex bucket checklist and watch the sparks fly high.

Adding cuffs and a blindfold to your sex play is another sex bucket checklist opportunity. You don’t have to be a hardcore bondage enthusiast to appreciate the elevated senses and art of anticipation.

The Ultimate Sex Bucket Checklist


Pleasure His Nugget

Some men say prostate pleasure is the entire reason they do any kind of anal play. The prostate, also known as the nugget of pleasure, can really help men achieve longer lasting and intense orgasms. When making your sex bucket checklist, you’ll probably want to include using the LELO Loki Wave. It’s the perfect size and girth for tickling his special sweet spot.

Express Yourself

The Ultimate Sex Bucket ChecklistWe all need an escape from our ordinary lives every now and again. That’s why a lot of couples love delving into the world of role-playing. There are all types of ways you can express yourself in the bedroom. From dressing sexy to switching dominant and submissive roles, finding out what works with your lifestyle is all part of the fun. While engaging in role-playing you are able to open yourself up to all types of fantasies and scenarios.

Memorialize Your Love

When it comes down to it, there are certain things that, without a doubt, you must try at least once in the bedroom. That’s why we encourage you to unleash your creative side with the Love is Art Kit. Available in a multitude of colors, this sexy body painting kit lets you and your lover create a masterpiece that can be eventually bequeathed to your favorite museum long after you’re gone.

The Ultimate Sex Bucket Checklist

Do you have suggestions to add to a sex bucket checklist? Leave them in the comments section below.