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If the story of Salome has taught us anything it’s that there’s nothing more mesmerizing than seeing a woman slowly peel off layers of clothing and revealing the goodies underneath. Plus, there something to be said for delaying sexual gratification too. A striptease that ends in big rewards—although maybe not someone’s head on a plate—is much more than just gyrating to music and taking off your clothes. It involves some level of performance which can get everyone excited.

Nail your striptease routine and unleash your inner sex goddess with these incredibly hot tips that can help you master the art of the striptease.

StipteaseBecome Seasoned

Dancing just for him is a great way to build excitement. But it’s also a form of exercise too. As with any exercise, you will need to stretch before the show begins. Bend down and touch your toes, raise your arms high in the air, and do a few warm-up stretches to loosen the muscles. Once you’ve got your body moving, it’s time to practice some choreography in front of a mirror. Locate your best assets and use them to your advantage!

Dressed to Thrill

StipteaseThere is a misconception that in order to look sexy while moving you’ll need to be a size 2. This just isn’t true. The female body is beautiful no matter the shape or size—as long as you feel comfortable in your skin. Instead of wasting money on “stripper” clothes, try something that already makes you feel sexy. If it’s a thong and push-up bra that gives you a little more up top, do it. If it’s a silk little nightie that shows off your legs but hides your tummy, go for it. Even starting from your favorite jeans a t-shirt will work. He’s going to love all of it, so it’s all about what makes you feel sexiest.

If you’re going the high-art route, you will definitely want more layers. Use items already in your closet like a collared shirt and pencil skirt, and pair them with seamed stocking and elegant heels. Avoid slipping into something less comfortable, like an elaborate bodice with 1000 clasps that take 15 minutes to remove. The last thing you’ll want is to suddenly break out in curse words when one of them gets stuck.

StripteaseProduction Value

Doing a striptease in a room filled with dirty laundry is a mood killer. Because you want all eyes focused on you, find a space that’s clean and free from clutter, giving you plenty of space to flick your hair and kick up your heels. Lighting candles and dimming the lights also helps flatter your body. In fact, a German study found that dimming the lights can increase your creativity by making you feel “free from constraints.” Don’t forget to add some props like a riding crop or feather duster. Tie your lover down to a chair. Sit him down and shut him up. Whatever you do, let your guy know that you’re about to give him a show, and that’s he’s not allowed to touch you until you say so.

Moves Like Melted Butter

So you’re all dressed up and nervous about performing your first dance. That’s okay! You can work virtually any man into a frenzy with simple and slow methodical moves. Performing a striptease is more than just taking off your clothes to music. It’s an illusion designed for seduction. You’re no longer a wife or mother—you’re now a woman who is in control. If you’re feeling self-conscious and having a difficult time building up the nerve to do a striptease, then just pretend that you’re someone else. Expressing an entirely different persona is all part of the production and costumes really help.


Lady Marmalade

No dance skills are required while letting the clothing slip off your skin naturally. The anticipation is built inch-by-inch and button-by-button. Start by removing small items first. If you hair is up, release it and sway it with music. Bite the tip of your silk glove and slowly pull your hand out. Lightly caress him with it to stimulate his sense of touch.

Anticipation is the name of the game, so once you start removing larger items of clothing, do it slowly. One button at a time. Tease him by pulling down your skirt just a little, getting a peek at your thong, and then pull it back up as you look over your shoulder at him. Flirt with him with your eyes. Look at him, then look at your curves, then look back at him to catch his eyes on your body. Maintain eye contact. Using sexy eye contact is powerfully alluring.


Once you get down to your bra, don’t just unclasp it—that’s boring. Instead, slide one finger under the shoulder straps and slowly push each off, one at a time. With more complicated stuff like corsets, give him a view of your fingers methodically undoing the cinches. Adding a pair of Bijoux Nipple Tassels before the striptease will ensure that your delectable tasty’s are prepped for the finale.

A sexy pair of hose and heels should be the only thing you have left at the end. Sometimes having one item of clothing on is even sexier than being in your birthday suit. It reminds him of what he is seeing that is normally hidden and frames your body in gorgeous ways.

Boogie Nights

A major part of any hot striptease act is the music. Obviously, your song selection determines the pace of the performance and helps keep you in character. We have our own suggestions for sexy music here—from rocking and dangerous to smooth and sexy. However, let the music inspire you and don’t forget to run your hands up and down your body. Pump things up with a little self-pleasure and demonstrate the ways you touch yourself. Move closer and then further away and tantalize him with your scent and body heat. Keep the tempo smooth and upbeat at first then slowly increase the beat. It’s a good idea to slow the pace as you head straight into the final reveal.

End with a Bang

StripteaseLike any production, end with something memorable. Whether sex is on the menu or not, your panties should be the last to go. Make it dramatic! Pull them down just a bit, teasing, playing with the edges and then pull them back up. This is the moment he has been waiting for, so make it count.


Straddle him as you stand in front of him, moving your hips in a figure 8 motion. Lightly stroke his chest with your fingertips. Move to your knees in front of him and quickly shake your breasts in his face. Stand up slowly and walk around his chair, tantalizingly close without him being able to touch you. Pull his head back so it rests against your breasts while whispering something dirty in his ear. Move towards his front again, this time facing away as you flaunt your booty in his face. Sit on his lap and reach down to touch your feet as you grind on him. Then stand up and walk away so he gets a view of your swaying behind and you grin at him over your shoulder.


If he’s been a good boy, untie him and give him what he wants. Your don’t need to be a professional dancer be a big hit. It’s more about the visuals than natural talent. Your Stripteaseconfidence is what is going to wow your audience of one, that and the fact that he’s going to feel like the luckiest guy on earth.


Also, these notes can apply to men as well. But don’t be dismayed if she is cracking up the whole time!