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Ladies and gentlemen, this is your chief flight attendant speaking. We welcome you aboard the Liberator Ramp, which is the runway for you and your partner to take off for ecstatic destinations. If you haven’t already done so, we request that you lower the lights, take off your clothes and get ready to take flight.

“I purchased the Liberator Ramp/Wedge. It has been transformational. We experimented several times with different combinations where she felt comfortable with great success.”

takeflight1As you first experiment with the Ramp, take your time and use a pace that is comfortable. Unless you are a Liberator aficionado, adding a new Shape into your sex life can be like introducing an extra bedroom participant. That’s why using the sense of touch will help guide you and your partner in becoming more familiar with the Shape’s potential. Allow yourself to truly feel the soft fabric as you lay against it naked. Relax and allow the Ramp to be a part of you and your experience. Being more relaxed adds confidence in trying new things, especially a deeply intimate face-to-face position.

takeflight3This face-to-face position offers more than just sizzling hot sex. It creates intimate bonding and deep emotional connection. When partners match up body parts, they are able to remain connected by circulating sexual energy through passionate kissing, teasing breast and nipple play and hand holding. There can be tenderness mixed with a little rough play.

Foreplay and oral sex are effortless when lovers feel comfortable and supported. For instance, the Ramp’s incline allows for a more solicitous thigh spread which makes cunnilingus unbelievably pleasurable for both partners. The woman is able to lay back as he takes in the visual feast of an exposed vagina. Wider spread legs mean less pain, and when a man in relaxed during oral sex, he won’t stop until the aroused lady sings.

“The first time using it she had a huge orgasm and squirted for the first time in her life. The last time we tried again she had  four squirting orgasms. Absolutely incredible!”

When making love in this position, couples are able to share some intense sexual heat during intercourse. The lover on top gives more energy, while the woman on the bottom takes it all in. Every part of her is exposed from her breasts, hips, face, eyes, and genitals. The man can reach out and touch, pinch, and tease. The interaction causes her pelvis and legs to open wider and creates a tighter vagina. Such a position is great for deeper and slower penetration and makes it easier for direct clitoral contact and stimulation.



“She is like a new woman with the renewed self-confidence. Simply the best lovemaking that we have had in all of our years of marriage. We highly recommend this product.”

Some women enjoy displays of dominance, and the comfortable support of these Liberator Shapes, allow for sweet surrender. No matter his size, a man can make his power play and take complete control. The use of all of his body weight won’t feel suffocating while he’s thrusting deep and hard. By heightening the pelvis it makes it easier for him to spread and hold her legs apart. When the moment of climax arises he can place her wrists firmly above her head and really show her who’s boss.



-Quotes taken from actual Liberator reviews. See more here.