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Ready. Set. Go! We are your biggest cheerleaders when it comes to having great sex. But chances are, when you and your hot honey are about it get it on, you guys make a beeline straight for the center of the bed. Now, there’s nothing wrong with some in between-the-sheets missionary action, but you can make your intimate encounters more intoxicating by repositioning your bodies and incorporating a Liberator Shape.  

It makes sense why this this is their best selling product. So many different positions are possible! With the support these Shapes provide, you are able to last so much longer too! Definitely suggest to anyone who may be on the fence, worth the investment!!

Be Inventive! B. E. Inventive!

This is not a go-big or go-home kind of situation, and nobody’s keeping score (unless you really want to). But for those who want to explore further for a change, but don’t know where to begin, a position like Standing Ovation offers plenty of payoff and has a host of new sensations. Because this is an off-the-bed position, it allows for a deeper, more intimate connection, as well as, enhanced penetration and thrusting.

Your Team Captain

Unless you’re trying out for the sex olympics, you won’t need much coaching on this technique, because the Standing Ovation is pretty straight forward. However, you may want to elect to having durable support beneath your lover. Liberator Shapes are designed to give couples support, stability and control during lovemaking. If you’re new to the concept of using a sexual aide, it may be a good idea to start with a smaller foundation like the Wedge. This Shape fits all shapes, sizes and ages and is a great introductory piece. Plus, the Wedge works well with changing up the routine and can feel more natural. What more can we say other than, the Wedge can give you both the boost needed to achieve heightened sensation, which ultimately leads to better orgasms. 

It is awesome it serves her up like a feast fit for a king!!

Sizing it Up

Having sex in a new position can sometimes feel like driving a new car. There is an orientation period of where to place the hands, or how to spread the legs, or how fast can I really go, and so one. But the Standing Ovation is great for those that are just beginning to explore new positions possibilities. Because it requires less effort, this position, unlike missionary, allows couples to really connect in a more natural setting. And if you have a height difference, regardless of how tall or short your partner is, doing it off the bed creates a more level playing field.

Pre-Game Show

Now that you’ve decided to add a brand new page your playbook, it’s time to get your head into the game. Standing Ovation is one of the best positions for oral sex and foreplay. Because one lover is essentially off the bed, they can easily navigate themselves toward any happy zone. With the Wedge firmly positioned under the bum, they’ll be able to really show-off their moves without craning the neck or finding themselves in an awkward situation. It also let’s couples engage in their favorite number, 69. Simply reverse your positioning, with your head toward the edge of the bed and your lover can easily bend over to service your pleasure zone, and vice versa. 



 Scrimmage Play

Standing Ovation puts the ‘love’ in lovemaking because it’s a face-to-face position that encourages couples to have eye contact, and it also allows access to those sexy erogenous zones. Once you’re ready to get physical and cross the line of scrimmage with penetration, the top lover (the one off the bed) will be able guide themselves inward and control movement through the hips. This is an especially effective position for same-sex couples that want to try strapon play. The top will be able to get a full view of the entry, which is a huge turn on for nearly everyone. Having the Wedge underneath the lower back and hips, plays a crucial role in keeping everything elevated and stable, thus letting the thighs spread comfortably wider. To tighten your area, and create an entirely new sensation, try putting your legs together and place the ankle on your lover’s shoulders.

My girl didn’t believe she was capable of finishing without external stimulation till we got this, but oh is she ever. Multiples and hyperventilating! It creates the perfect angle every time.

Head Straight Toward the Pleasure Zone

When couples modify their positioning, they open the floodgates to a host of new sensations. Since women generally have a hard time climaxing with penetration alone, this position allows for responsive clitoral stimulation. With the hips and pelvis tilted upward, there is a good shot at experiencing intense g-spot orgasms while being penetrated with just a few inches of a penis or dildo. The top can easily stimulate the clitoris while thrusting—this kind of play can often result in a very intense blended orgasm.

Going All the Way!

wedge12Standing Ovation is great for couples that want to explore anal sex too. After a super-charged warm up session, flip your position and lie face down on the edge of the bed. To create a more comfortable angle,  you’ll want to have Wedge at the extreme edge of the bed and directly under the pelvis. This gives your lover a perfect view of your jewels and allows them to pull your cheeks apart gently. Once your lover penetrates from behind, ask them to lift your knees slightly or left your feet in the air.  With your body comfortably resting on the Wedge, you will be able to enjoy the illusion of weightlessness.  

–Quotes taken from an actual Liberator reviews. See more here.

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