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Welcome to the tour of sex games and erotic adventures. I’ll be your tour guide extraordinaire. Today, we will be demonstrating another Position Possible: Dirty Doggie, but this time, it has a kinky twist. If you’ve ever fantasized about making love while role-playing—today is your lucky day.

Role-playing is a good way to overcome aspects of sex that you may feel inhibited about. During role-play, you and your lover can take on any character. Nothing is off limits, especially when it comes to character development like doctor and nurse, nun and vicar, school girl and headmaster, or master & servant. But let’s take a moment to stretch the imagination a bit further, and go beyond typical stereotypes. The great thing about creating roles is that you can become whoever or whatever you like. Our focus for this adventure is on something extra special, the Dirty Doggie! It’s a character building exercise and position all rolled into one.

Dirty Doggie: Black Label Wedge

The one thing about the Dirty Doggie is that it’s an engaging position that is designed to keep your lover comfortably lifted and in their place—all with the help of the Black Label Wedge. In fact, tying down your lover puts you in charge of the sexual encounter while the position offers up vulnerability and visibility.

Why add a Shape you ask? Well, this popular Wedge is instrumental in letting you playfully restrain your partner and let’s them play along too. Where there is maximum support—there is optimal visibility! And this is what makes the Dirty Doggie extremely appealing for thrill seekers like us.

It just gets her the perfect amount of “up” with her ass so penetration comes easier, and it they also hits “the sweet spot” profoundly better.

The Dirty Doggie is a great way to explore both power and submission while taking you both to unprecedented heights of arousal. Even if you feel self-conscious during other types of sexual expression, there’s something about this particular play that makes it easy to slip into character. But what’s more important with any type of bondage games is technique. The Dirty Doggie is a position that permits a more drawn-out sexual encounter, where you can tease, tantalize, arouse, and withdraw from your partner in repeated cycles.

Does everything the description says. The perfect angle, the perfect height, the perfect firmness. Our first time using it, along with the cuff kit, was definitely an eye-opening experience.

Dirty Doggie: Black Label WedgeBefore heading straight for the action/adventure portion of our program, let’s attempt to elevate the anticipation first with a mild, yet teasing appetizer. The Black Label Wedge comes with an optional cuff and accessories kit that include microfiber plush cuffs and a blindfold, or a pair of sexy latigo leather cuffs. Begin the session by teasing your lover. Undress them slowly and pause occasionally to attach the cuffs on each wrist, and gently slip the blindfold over their eyes. This pre-sex cocktail helps to increase their sense of powerlessness. Plus, it adds authenticity to your role as the Doggie or Wild Cat Catcher!

With your lover set and primed, guide the direction and drape their body over the Wedge—leaving the bum up in the air. It’s hard to resist the urge but some enticing discipline may be in order. In fact, a good spanking can offer your lover some prime pleasure, since striking the buttocks brings blood to the skin’s surface, making it way more sensitive. Plus, spanking is an effective way to generate sexual warmth and is a total mental turn-on. To induce more shock than pain, try using a soft paddle or a leather cat-o’ nine tails from the Liberator LeatherWorks Collection. Between the role-playing and theatrics, the tension for will soon turn into fiery passion.

Gives her the much needed support under those long “doggy”-sessions, and we both love BDSM so hey, the cuffs? Don’t even get me started. Packing and the product itself breathes high quality and craftsmanship.

The sensual experience of safe captivity is effortless when your lover is gently perched upon the Black Label Wedge. Helpless and willing to surrender to every whim, the Dirty Doggie gives you the power to play with their senses and body. At this point, you can introduce vibrating toys, or engage in teasing penetration. The 27-degree angle of the Wedge allows for deeper penetration, and it also provides access to their most sensitive erogenous zone. And it makes thrusting part of the play.

Dirty Doggie: Black Label Wedge

No matter the thrill of choice, the Dirty Doggie makes it easier to stimulate the anus. While taboo territory for many, some couples do enjoy anal play. Whether you choose to involve penetration with the finger, or tickle with oral delights or use a sex toy—for males and females alike, the opening to the rectum feels good when stimulated and the Wedge keeps them from squirming away.


The fun does not have to end when the orgasm does. Of course, with any type of bondage or role-playing scenarios, a post-coital wind-down is essential to bringing your partner back to earth. There’s a unique specialness about the moments after role-playing sex, and nurturing your lover is a way to feel closer to one another. It’s also a great way to slowly remove any accessories that your lover may still be wearing. Kissing, being reverent, and whispering how much you love your partner will give them that warm glow that comes from feeling intimate and bonded with you.

**Quotes are from real customer reviews.