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Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for entertaining the kinkier side life. This year, why not scootch out of your comfort zone a bit and try the art of playful restraint? You don’t have to be a hardcore bondage enthusiast with a Red Room of Pain to fully appreciate a few of these Jedi Bind Tricks.

Here’s our Valentine’s Day Guide to the Art of Playful Restraint

Slip into Silk Binding Sashes

These gorgeous hand-crafted sashes are a great introduction to playful restraint. They are smooth so they do not chafe the skin, and they can be applied artfully to create gorgeous restraint lingerie. Beginners can focus on tying their partner’s wrists and ankles to the bedframe, and with experience, these sashes can also be used for a full body binding experience. The silky material is easy to maneuver and adds a sensual touch to your Valentine’s celebration.

If you feel confident, check out our how-to video on Western Rope Bondage using the Silk Binding Sashes.

Buckle Down with the Bed Buckler

All hands (and feet) on deck with this playful restraint device. The Bed Buckler is an all-inclusive, under-the-mattress system that lets you set up and undo in minutes. They can be hidden from sight so you can surprise your partner when you slip these cuffs and tethers out from under your mattress. Plus, you can take it with you wherever you go, so if you plan a romantic evening in a hotel you can take the kink on the road.

Cast a Love Spell with the LoveArts Pillow

If you and your partner want seamless restraint play, check out the versatile Liberator LoveArts Pillow. This Shape, although designed for sexual positioning, can also be used for improvisational restraint play. Just leave it on the bed when not in use, and when the mood strikes you can tie wrists or ankles with the silk sashes. If you’re not into tying up your lover, you can instead use the middle sash as a delicate blindfold and heighten the other senses.

Take it to the Streets with MAZE Wide Belt by Bijoux

Why wait until after dinner to tie down? The MAZE collection by Bijoux looks fashionable enough to wear to dinner, and then in the cab ride home begin your play. We love the MAZE Wide Belt over a dress, but it hides a dirty secret. Unleash the belt’s hidden handcuff straps for an erotic adventure wherever you are. Yummy!

Lap it up with the Lana Suede Cuffs

Dress for the sex you want—with the Lana Suede Wrist & Ankle Cuffs. If you are looking for something more intense, these cuffs are a sexy twist on conventional bondage gear because of the bold color and decadent suede. The buckles make them easy to apply and smooth interior allow you to let loose without worry. Use the D-ring with rope or silk sashes for leading your lover on a sensory journey.

Black Label Flip Stage

Playful restraint is all about theater. This is where adding a Shape like the Black Label Flip Stage really shines. It’s is the ideal prop for spreading out and showing off your true talents. This multi-functional playmat is equipped with a series of connector points which lets couples explore a myriad of kink-inspired scenarios that Cupid would approve.