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Contrary to popular belief, the P-spot is not that hard to find. Its location is more of a ballpark estimation rather than a hunting expedition. But once you do find the P-spot, it can be a veritable treasure trove of immense pleasure. Some men claim to achieve orgasm without ever touching their penis just with P-spot stimulation.

Allow us to clarify one myth associated with P-spot stimulation. Although this type of anal play usually requires the insertion of a finger or toy, it does not diminish your masculinity. In essence, this act is only gay when done with someone of the same sex. Get it. Got it. Good!

p-spot locationThe Nugget of Joy

Part of the fun in playing with the P-spot is the exploration process with plenty of lube, of course. The walnut-sized P-spot is usually a finger’s length into the rectum and can be located using one (or two) fingers in a ‘come hither’ motion toward the top wall toward the penis and just past the pubic bone. The slight tingling sensation is a sign that it’s been uncovered.

External P-spot Access

Hesitant about putting anything in your bum? You can still reap the benefits of P-spot stimulation indirectly. The perineum—also known as the taint, the gooch, or the grundle—basically, the skin between the balls and bum is a sensitive area. You can start with that area before trying anything internally. To begin, try applying some firm, upward pressure against the taint while masturbating. Gently pushing against the root of your penis is a great way of stimulating the internal nugget.

Healthy Benefits

Treating your P-spot to a regular massage is actually good. It can help flush your prostate of toxins while increasing blood flow to the pelvic region. Not only does stimulating the P-spot lead to potent and powerful orgasms, it can also help ease some cases of erectile dysfunction. Also, milking your prostate can offer relief from urinary discomfort and may improve your overall health. So, when convincing your partner into rubbing the P-spot, just tell them “Come on, you just might save a life!”

Group Effort

Most things feel way better when someone else is doing it. For some couples, it may be hard to overcome the stigma associated with anal play. That’s why it’s important to communicate why you’re so stoked about getting off with P-spot stimulation. Hopefully, your excitement will fuel theirs. Cover your bases, and talk about which method they prefer (i.e. fingers or toys). Once they see you enjoying it, they may just come up with some new ideas.

Try, Try Again

Some men will try P-spot play once and instantly fall in love. Others may try a few times before feeling comfortable. Then there is the small percentage of men who decide it is completely out of the question. It’s all good no matter where you stand. The truth is there are taboos with anal penetration, preventing men from going there. But there’s absolutely no shame in exploring your entire body. So, if you feel you’re going to like it but don’t hit it off the first time, be persistent. Fantastic orgasms await!

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