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The other day I met a friend for lunch. She was telling me about her hot date the night before. Everything was going swimmingly. He was a sexy guy and they ended back at his place for a little dessert. Things quickly heated up and took the passion from the couch into the bedroom. She stood in front of him while slowly peeling down his pants and underwear.

But the final reveal was not what she was expecting. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her first thought was where was it? The second thought was maybe it was shy? She looked at his face. He just stood there expressionless not saying anything. They were both silent. To cover the silence she proceeded to take his two-inch member into her mouth.

Not your Average Joe

i-m-in-the-tiny-penis-club-badgeMicropenises are about 2.5 times smaller than a “normal” penis. While the average male measures in at 5-inches, micropenises are 2.5-inches or less. This somewhat rare condition occurs in one out of every 200 men. The stunted growth often is a result of imbalanced hormones while in utero. Some cases develop for no reason that is discernable.

Every guy probably wouldn’t mind an extra inch or two. But men with smaller members have a real challenge in front of them. How exactly do you bring it up? How will the woman react? The guy my friend was with that night never even addressed it. Although that did not stop her from fooling around with him, she still felt awkward because of the tiny elephant in the room. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t lead to a second date.

No matter the size of your penis, how you are as a lover depends on who you are rather than what’s in your pants. Even men with John Holmes-sized schlongs cannot just drop trou and expect women to swoon all over it.

You have sex with the person, not the penis.

In that regard, having a sense of humor about it helps everyone feel comfortable. Everyone has some hang-up that they worry about, especially when seeing themselves naked. Maybe it’s a weird birthmark or a bit extra weight around the middle. We are our own worst critic and wind up being way harder on ourselves. Real, genuine sexiness comes from not letting your short-comings stop you from having fun. Confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

How can anyone, not just those with penises of an unusual size, gain the upper hand on those things that keep them down? By accepting yourself and opening up to your partner. Even before the clothes come off, share with them how you are feeling. It’s usually the surprises like my friend’s that can turn an evening into an awkward one-time-only event.

Overall, women will sleep with someone regardless of their penis size. Believe me, they wouldn’t be in bed with you if they didn’t think you were sexy and desirable. Trust that most women know what they want. If they are into you, they are into you. It might be your sense of humor, or how you listen to her. But I have known very few women who would sleep with someone based on penis size alone. Despite everything that macho cars and Sex and the City episodes tell us, penis size isn’t a deal breaker—it’s the lack of confidence that breaks attraction.

1“So, you might have noticed my penis.”

This begs the question, how do you broach the subject without making your flaws out to be bigger than they are? It’s a fine line between making light of the situation and making your partner feel like you need a therapy session instead of a blow job. Timing is essential. You don’t want to whip it out too early because it makes it seem like you know this is a deal breaker and you want the humiliation over with. If you don’t discuss it at all, then she is left with questions and no answers. You should be able to feel when the time is right.

Often guys will say something like, ‘Don’t worry. It gets bigger.” This is not always the case, so don’t lie to her. Be direct and let her know that you are aware that you are on the small size. Make a joke if that suits your personality. Then quickly follow up with how you can make her beg for more in so many other ways. Let her know you are all about her pleasure and this is just the beginning. Encourage her touch it and explore, and show her how good it feels. It’s actually more fun to go down on a small guy because you feel like a superwoman taking it all into your mouth.

There are plenty of ways to make a woman satisfied without a massive cock.

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Most women do not orgasm from vaginal sex alone. Your penis is not the magic wand that makes women instantly orgasm like in the movies. In fact, many men wind up neglecting their oral skills because they leap into P-in-V sex with this false belief. This is where you can shine like the rock star you are! And believe me, women will thank you for the effort. Nothing makes a woman feel special than a man taking his time going down on her properly. And in the end, she’ll know how lucky she is to have someone who can take care of her needs through other means than penetration.

This type of enthusiasm extends to vaginal penetration as well. The G-spot is located just 2-3 inches inside the vagina. So, whatever you’re packing, make the most of it. Try out as many different positions as possible, and be sure to include a Wedge/Ramp Combo. It’ll help you go the distance—both by lasting longer and going deeper. With her pelvis tilted upward, she will have an increase in sensations. Plus, you’ll benefit with having greater access to her G-spot. For even more sensation for her try adding a sex toy. Choose something that won’t get in the way, like a clitoral wunderkind the Womanizer.

liberator-valkyrie-mens-harness-alt1Don’t let the use of a sex toy make you feel any less of a man. In fact, sex toys are your best friend—hers too! It may take some getting used to at first. But once you see her reactions, you can go on enjoying that you are pleasing her to the fullest. If she’s into penetration you can also try a dildo with a harness. This will give her the sensations of penetrative sex and help you get into the motions. By strapping one on, you will be able to feel the power of your thrusts and join in with her sexual energy.

No matter how big or how small, you will last longer when taking a minute and switching things up. Add some variety by fingering her, going down on her, then getting back to penetrating her. This prevents her from becoming desensitized to the stimulation you are throwing at her while playing up your great lover skills.

Here’s the great news. Penises come in all shapes and sizes. Some are unusually small while others are awkwardly big. What really matters to most women is how you love her. So no matter where you fall on the penis spectrum, the most important thing is “do it” with gusto. That’s the secret to keeping her coming back for more.