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Oral has gotten a bad reputation over the years. It is often sidelined as a part of foreplay or looked down upon as a one-sided experience to be given as a reward for good behavior or as a treat for holidays or birthdays. We at Liberator have a different point of view.Oral pleasure can be an enjoyable experience for both partners, no matter your gender or whether you are giving or receiving. Of course, each cunnilingus connesour and feisty fellator will have his or her own special techniques for specifically pleasing a partner, but we’ve got a few tips to that can help make this act amazing for more than just one.

Every body’s different. Literally.

Whether you are with your spouse of 20 years or this is your first time, there is always a learning curve. Everyone has their likes and dislikes, and the trick that worked wonders last time may not work this time. Rather than feel like you are doing something wrong or the other person isn’t enjoying themselves, take up the challenge. Keep trying new things to see if they work. Some of our favorites to get the ball rolling

Some of our favorites to get the ball rolling is to write out the alphabet with your tongue and see what letter they the most. Or, start at their toes and move up slowly. By the time you actually begin giving oral, they will be ready for the show to begin.

Strap in and hang on.

It’s no secret that oral can be an uncomfortable situation if you don’t position yourself well beforehand, and sometimes you could be in it for the long haul. That’s why our Liberator staff members are obsessed with Shapes like the Arche Wedge and Ramp—they are designed to provide the best positions not just for receiving oral, but giving as well. The receiver can relax and enjoy the sensations because they are supported for comfort and increased sensations, as well as being placed in a visually-pleasing position. The giver can experience better access without straining his or her neck or back and have room on the Shape to rest their arms.

This makes it much easier for both parties to stay in the moment and enjoy themselves without watching the clock or worrying they are taking too long. If you don’t have a Shape at home, make sure that you and your partner have support for the receiver’s hips and the giver’s neck to avoid discomfort on both sides.

Speak up.

We’re assuming that while your connection with your partner is deep, neither of you are mind readers. Until you gain super powers, make sure that you are communicating with your partner about what is and is not pleasurable. If you are giving and your neck hurts, ask to switch to a different position to alleviate the crick.

If you’re receiving and your partner isn’t hitting the spot, guide him or her to the right speed or place. Trying phrasing this advice in a sexy way, and make sure they know that you are still enjoying yourself. And don’t be afraid to speak your mind! Your partner wants to ensure that you are enjoying yourself so don’t hold back on what you want to make this more pleasurable for both of you.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

While more women have admitted to this than men, it is easy to get wrapped up in your own head when you are receiving without giving in return. Self-doubt and worry can plague the situation and remove you completely from enjoying the pleasure being lavished upon you. If you’re having trouble keeping your mind on the task at hand, try watching your partner as he or she performs. Try to make eye contact to keep both of you engaged. Or start talking—say how much you are enjoying yourself and how they are doing a great job. Nothing will bring you back into the moment like verbalizing how intimate and wonderful these moments are.

Explore uncharted territories.

For both men and women, there can be a tunnel-vision fixation on the “main event” area of the nether regions when giving oral. Rather than focusing on the obvious places, we recommend taking your time reaching your final destination. Kiss and lick whatever skin you can find as you make your way down, and, upon arrival, make sure to get to know the surrounding areas; you’ll be surprised how much your partner will enjoy the attention and how much of a climax it will be when you finally do reach your goal.

Loud and proud.

While the person who receives is hopefully going to be enjoying themselves, it is important to remember that the giver should not look or sound as though he or she is doing their taxes. Giving pleasure can be just as amazing as getting, and discovering joy in your partner’s release will help you find a depth in your relationship that you never thought possible. Plus, the receiver will be even more turned on by hearing or seeing how much you enjoy the job at hand.

Got any great oral tips? Share them in the comments!

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