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The Obéir provides the perfect platform for spanking and flogging, as well as a wide array of sexual positioning. Designed for top-notch powerplay and bold experimentation, the Obéir is made from high-density foam for a foundation that’s both soft and supportive, with an extended shelf on one side to keep knees or elbows comfortable and the derriere within easy reach. Because Obéir is so multifunctional, you might wonder what to do first. We’ve compiled six of our favorite positions to help you get started. But the fun doesn’t stop here—let your imagination go wild!


obeir 1

The Bad Doggie



obeir 2

Riding the Wave



obeir 3

Prepare for Take-Off



obeir 4

The Platform



obeir 5

The Chariot



obeir 6

Crouching Tiger


Don’t forget, the Obéir can be used with our specially-designed microfiber or leather cuff kits or with your own D-ring compatible cuffs or sashes. Check out the entire line here!


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