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We are all familiar with the story of Pavlov’s dog. Ivan Pavlov would ring a bell any time he fed the pooch, associating the sound of the bell with dinner time. After that, he could ring the bell and create a physical response in the dog—no food required. Now let’s take a look at sex. What if you took that idea of Pavlov’s neuro-conditioning and applied it to having mind-blowing orgasms?

Fuck Your Mind

The brain and body are integrally linked in producing certain sexual responses. You can’t really have one without the other. For some, this amalgam of complicated wiring can misfire, inhibiting your ability to let go. It’s like the body is willing to go there but the mind is contemplating a grocery list.

For guys, thinking about baseball scores is one way of delaying orgasm. But for women, a mental to-do list can prevent orgasms altogether. Even when the flesh and spirit are both willing, it can be a challenge in letting your body experience the build-up and release of an orgasm. So—fuck your mind. You’re the boss of you.

Neuro-conditioning for Fun and Profit

The idea behind neuro-conditioning is pretty straightforward. You are basically training your body to respond to certain stimuli—primarily your lover’s verbal command. When he or she says in a loud and forceful voice, “Come!” your body is instantly triggered to follow the command. Their order to orgasm eventually becomes your bell.

How does one achieve this all-powerful voice? The secret is timing. When you are with your partner, watch their signals for when they are about to orgasm. The second before they climax, tell them to do so. Repeat this step as many times as required (oh, no, how dreadful!). After a while, probably not a long while, they will begin unconsciously associating the order to come with a physical orgasm. The end goal is when your lover is not near orgasm, your voice can direct them there—just don’t try it in the line at the grocery store.


Ringing the Bell

Not only is it super sexy to see your lover demanding that you experience such pleasure, it works on a deeper level as well. Neuro-conditioning gives you the permission to come. It sounds like a small thing, but it can open up channels that may otherwise feel blocked. Don’t worry about taking too long, wanting it too much, or not doing it right. You must do it. This kind of neuro-conditioning can also come into play in your own mind.

This type of sexual neuro-conditioning can also come into play in your own mind. If you are having trouble orgasming with a partner, try some personal neuro-conditioning on yourself while masturbating. When close to climaxing, order yourself to come. Next time you try it, order yourself a little sooner to come, and will your body to respond. Over time, you will be able to order yourself to come with a partner—great for simultaneous orgasms.

Have any experience with neuro-conditioning? Tell us about it in the comments!


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