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It looks like the ecosexual revolution has started. For those who don’t know about it, the ecosexual movement is a new way for people to protect, honor, and love mother earth, whether it’s swimming naked in a lake, squishing cold mud between your toes, making love on a bed of moss, or literally having sex with a tree. Every day people are coming out as ecosexuals. This is hitting a cultural nerve that is relevant to those who see the earth as their lover or find nature sensual and romantic.

To Protect the World, You Must Love It

The ecosexual movement is one of the sexiest ways of saving our planet. Considered an important strategy for environmental activist, the more people who treat the earth like a lover, the more kindness mother earth will show in return. Although ecosexual movement differs from person to person, mostly everyone agrees that it’s about connecting with nature and earth on an erotic level.

Not all Ecosexuals are Alike

Ecosexual MovementThe ecosexual movement is more than just going out and having sex with or in nature. In fact, there are several categories of ecosexuals. There are Aquaphiles —humans who have a strong enthusiasm for all things involving water. They enjoy masturbating under a rushing waterfall or making love in bodies of water. In fact, the sound of the rushing water helps them achieve climax. Also, the water provides a sexual arousal as this is the part of mother nature they feel deeply and strongly connected to. Pyrophiles — are ecosexuals who delight in the presence of fire. These individual find the violent energy of volcanoes incredibly exciting and can become turned on by the smell of campfires. It is the overall warmth and heat that sparks a Pyrophile’s intense sexual desires.

How to Take Part in the Ecosexual Movement

Taking part in the ecosexual movement is easy. Simply make love with the earth using all of your senses. Here are some ways you can experience ecosexuality.

  • Be present and open-minded about inviting nature into your sex life.
  • Masturbate under a rushing waterfall.
  • Make love with your partner on a bed of moss.
  • Hug a tree or massage the earth with your phalanges.
  • Go outside during a thunderstorm and let the rain wash over your body.
  • Feel the wind as it swirls around your body.
  • Cover yourself in mud and don’t be afraid of getting really dirty.
  • Gaze and become inamoured with the night sky.
  • Whisper erotic love poems to the ferns or house plants.
  • Use sustainable sex toys and eco-friendly lubes.

Stop and Smell the Roses

We get that the whole ecosexual movement may sound a little outlandish or crazy. But take this into consideration. Whenever smelling a flower, you are smelling it’s sex organs which creates pollen; a plant’s equivalent to sperm. Doesn’t sound so strange anymore, does it?



About Our Contributor:

Rella is a queer, polyamorous, vagina-owning and sex-positive human. She is actively involved in the Atlanta BDSM and Kink community and often finds herself pushing the boundaries of societal norms.