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This morning alone, 34% of American couples awoke with the sun and got down to business. This quite possibly means that the first thing on your neighbors, friends, co-workers and even your bosses agenda is to make hot, passionate love before greeting the day.

Of course, with all of the benefits associated with having morning sex, it’s no wonder. According to leading sexperts, “having an orgasm before getting out of bed sets a positive tone for the remainder the day.” Not yet convinced about giving up that snooze button for a morning schtoop? Read up on the top 10 beneficial reasons morning sex may be better than you think.


Benefit #1: What Commute?

Greeting the day with an orgasm releases an abundance of cuddle hormones also known as oxytocin. And what better way to usher in your day than with a brain, and body, full of warm fuzzies and happy thoughts. Not only does this particular hormone make you feel more loved and connected with your partner, it could last well into the day—making that morning traffic a lot less dreadful.

Benefit #2: Doing Your Part

Having morning sex will not make you late for work. In fact, it can speed up the time it takes to get ready for your day. With water being a huge scarcity these days, couples can now get clean and dirty all at the same time. To get things going, try including the waterproof Lovelife Share Couples Vibe. Simply slip this vibrating ring around your partners penis, and enjoy the stimulating action while he takes you from behind. Things can get slippery, so to prevent slips or falls, be sure to leverage yourself against the wall or shower door.

sexyBenefit #3: Skipping the Gym

Sex, in general, not only burns a good amount of calories, it is also a great way to keep in shape. Why waste your time going to the gym at 5:30 a.m. when you can climb on top of your lover and ride him instead. For support and height, slip the Decor Heart Wedge beneath your lover’s hips, and without skipping a beat, keep focused on your orgasm. This sexy 2-in-1 exercise helps tone thigh and core muscles while incorporating some beneficial cardio. The reward for all your efforts—a heaping scoop of pleasure and more time with the one you love.

Benefit #4: Increases Stamina

Ever wonder why some men want to “do it” in the morning? This is because, they can’t help themselves. No really! After waking from a good night’s rest, a man’s testosterone levels are fully recharged and raring to go, which is good news for those lazy kind of ladies. This boost in testosterone means he won’t fall prey to petering out too soon. Plus, he will have extra energy to take care of your needs too. So, lay back, and let him do most of the work.

Benefit #5: New Spice

A major sex roadblock for a lot of couples is feeling too tired after a busy day. For couples in long-term relationships, sex begins to feel more like a “have-to” than a “want-to” and tends go in between binge watching Game of Thrones and doing house chores. However, having regular morning sex can inject the zest back into your sex life.  In fact, getting it on in the a.m. will put intimacy back at the top of the must-do list and removes the guilty feelings for not doing it before bedtime.

Benefit #6: Wake Up Call

Having the energy to do it face-to-face in the morning is not always optimal, especially when our eyelids are sealed shut and your breath smells like hazardous green gas. However, these are just lame excuses to put off sex for later. Not anymore! To keep the morning breathe at bay, simply adjust your bodies. One of the easiest positions to achieve in a groggy state is spooning. With plenty of skin-on-skin contact, you don’t have to worry about that embarrassing morning breath and can still keep your eyes closed. For a more penetrating wake up call gently ease your bodies from the spoon to into doggy style.

Benefit #7: Hair of the Dog

Alright, some people are not going to favor this one benefit, but according to research scientist, it really does work. Performing oral sex on a man and swallowing has a lot of rise & shine benefits especially when suffering from morning sickness. Really! Researchers from SUNY-Albany claim that the sweet, delicate taste of some man juice in the morning can ease a queasy stomach. Other benefits of swallowing may even elevate your mood and alleviate anxiety. If you’re still not to fond the idea, try masking the taste with a tasty dab of Sensuva Lic-O-Licious Oral Delite Cream.

Benefit #8: Dr. Feelgood

Can’t get rid of the nagging recurring cough? Well a heavy dose of daily morning sex just might do the trick. According to Dr. Debbie Herbenick, an American research scientist, “couples who engage in morning sex enhance the production of the antibody, IgA.”  This immunity booster lasts throughout the day and contributes to that beautiful “healthy glow.” So, if you’re feeling stressed, sick, or have a little frog in your throat—it’s time to play doctor—the one that makes early house calls.

Benefit #9: From 0-60 Seconds

Sunrise sex does not have to be this drawn-out affair. In fact, morning is the perfect time to practice spontaneity while sharpening focus. The Journal of Sexual Medicine recently reported that women become aroused a lot faster in the morning because they are not distracted by life, work, kids, and electronic devices. Using a powerful vibe like the We-Vibe Tango can help you quickly achieve an orgasm and is one of best ways to wake up in the morning.  Keep in mind though that the a.m. quickie doesn’t have involve an orgasm. A slow and steady cuddle, warm kisses on the neck, or copping a feel goes a long way toward igniting all-day passion.

Benefit #10: The Best Part of Waking Up

There is a beauty in having sex with someone you love, adore and admire. It demands your full and present attention, making it an active form of mutual meditation. Because morning sex allows you to stay in bed just a little longer, you’ll get to experience something contemplative and will see things in a new, fresh light—flaws and all. Waking up and being engulfed by a lovers touch and warm smile far outweighs sipping on the most expensive cup of gourmet coffee and who could argue that.