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Six Sex Moves to Match Your Sex Mood

We are creatures of many sex moods. So whether you’re feeling frisky or are up for a quickie, pairing your sex moves to your mood is a great way to enhance intimacy and crank up the heat. Check out these six sex moves that are perfectly matched for your emotions.

Feeling Romantic?


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There are those times when you want to have wild sex and then other times you want to make love. An excellent way of creating an intimate connection is watching through another’s eyes. For this sex mood, she can lie back on the Wedge/Ramp Combo and enjoy your sex moves. The angle of this position forces you both to go slow and sensual.

Feeling Lazy?

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We all have days when we’re just too tired for sex but crave a little tenderness. With him lying back on the Esse, she can rest comfortably on top. One of the most romantic sex moves, you can end up feeling a little vulnerable. But in the end, you’ll be creating a deeper emotional bond. Completely bare, her body’s exposed for his perusal. This position offers just the right angle for entering her while the hands are free to stimulate the nipples and clitoris.

Feeling Adventurous?

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When you’re both crazy in lust and need to have sex right now, a position like this lets you go crazy. Amp up your sex moves with the Scoop. This half-moon Shape aligns the body so he will have complete control over thrusting and penetration. She can arch her back and pull in a little closer. If you’re both feeling the need to take things further, flip the Scoop over and rock your bodies in harmony.

Feeling Frisky?

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When the sex mood strikes, the Whirl is always by your side. This bolster style positioning aide is ideal when it comes to enjoying impromptu sex moves or morning quickies. The pitch and angle create deeper penetration and can make anal sex more inviting for her.

Feeling Rebellious?

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Sometimes a woman just wants to feel a little bit like a dirty girl. This is a fun one if you’re feeling randy and naughty all at the same time. She can sit back on the Black Label Esse Chaise while he binds her wrists to each side. Add an extra twist of extra naughty sex moves and tie her ankles together. Once she’s well-positioned, he will have to her the best, hottest orgasm she has ever had.

Feeling Sexy?

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We’ve all done it—make-up sex moves. When it’s time to forgive and forget, you can cue up instant sexy with the curvy Hipster. An elevated and curved design makes this supportive Shape perfect for enjoying this modified doggie position. She can bend forward while being gently penetrated from behind. Her chances of climaxing increase when she can set the pace. Having an orgasm is a great way to blow off some steam.