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Erotic Furniture For No Bed Sex

Sleep and sex are two of the greatest joys in life. And so far, the bed has done an amazing job of facilitating both. Unfortunately, a flat squishy surface isn’t an ideal location for all of our varied shenanigans. Good news! The advent of sophisticated erotic furniture means you don’t have to settle for flat sex anymore!

A Timeless Necessity

Erotic Furniture

Erotic FurnitureErotic furniture may seem like a recent innovation. However, it goes back further than your great-grandparents. Believe it or not, King Edward VII used a custom-made “love seat” (siege d’amour) when he visited a famous Parisian brothel. Perhaps somewhat disturbing is that it’s still in use.

Still, the King had the right idea. Beds bounce, sink, and are notoriously flat, despite the fact that some of the best sex positions require our bodies to be anything but. The bed, simply put, does not offer the best angles or support when it comes having sex. Trendy materials like memory foam make a good roll-in-the-hay damn near impossible these days. As a result, people are forced to choose between amazing sleep or amazing sex. What a cruel conundrum!

Sure, the floor is another option, but it’s unforgivingly hard on its own, and once again, flat as a pancake. Carpet, never known to be very skin-friendly, is not conducive to passionate lovemaking, with the risk of rug-burn frighteningly high.

Erotic Furniture for the Modern Lifestyle

If your only idea of erotic furniture is an elaborate swing hanging from the ceiling of your bedroom, don’t worry. You have far more options than that! Nowadays, good erotic furniture has three key qualities:

  1. It makes lots of positions accessible, comfortable, and easier to sustain.
  2. It’s easy to clean and maintain.
  3. It fits in with the home decor and isn’t something you have to hide in the basement when the family comes knocking.

Here are a few of Liberator’s most popular Erotic Furniture Pieces

Liberator Esse

Erotic FurnitureThe Liberator Esse is both sexy and modern, and doubles as a comfy chaise for lounging, reading, or napping. This ergonomically crafted erotic furniture piece has curves and dimensions that are physically supportive, which makes for amazing sex. Its clever design helps cradle the head, neck, and back in every position, and with the extra height means, you can enjoy deeper penetration and better thrusting. With its Velvish fabric cover, the Esse feels just as seductive as it looks. Plus, it is way more conducive to sex than any standard mattress.

The Equus Wave

The Equus Wave is another example of clever sex furniture design. Don’t let the look of this surprisingly simple bench fool you though. Its sleek design easily blends with any type of decor. As erotic furniture goes, it is meant for more vigorous movements, like thrusting. The width of the Equus Waves allows for effortless straddling positions. It lets you brace one or both feet on the floor—giving you more access to your partner’s naughty bits. Available in sultry colors, the Equus Wave takes up little space and can even double as an end-of-bed bench or massage platform.  But if you’re into more of the “tie-me-down” or want a little more “high-style”, you’ll have to check out the Black Label Prelude Bed Bench.

The Zeppelin

Erotic Furniture

Taking a slightly lofty turn down the erotic furniture route, the Zeppelin is for those who really like nestling positions. Though it may look like a glorified bean bag, it’s far more than that. The Zeppelin is truly designed for sex, while everything else (like napping to gaming) is secondary. Inside is a waterproof liner holding shredded, high-density foam which supports and envelops the body. It is like being cradled inside an intimate cocoon. Its gentle, yet supportive design reduces pressure on the joints and evenly distributes weight. One note of caution though. The Zeppelin is not for the spatially impaired! This fairly large piece of erotic furniture is best enjoyed in a larger room, like a designated sex dungeon.

Center Stage

Our erotic furniture list would not be complete without mentioning the Center Stage. Because of its name, you may think this piece is just for theatrically inclined. But it’s for anyone who loves having sex on or off the bed, on the floor, in every room of the house, or even the great outdoors. This portable 4-inch tall platform provides amazing support and stability and is perfectly sized for straddling positions or erotic massage. It also comes equipped with a matching bolster for elevating the hips, knees, head—making it the perfect shape for long-lasting oral sex. Designed for discretion, it can slide under your bed for easy storage.

A New Classic

Contemporary erotic furniture does not have to scream WE HAVE SEX (though we’ve got you covered there too). Our erotic furniture designs are stylish and elegant and easily blend with your home decor.
The truth is people are always going to have sex on their beds. It’s the classic erotic venue, likely the first place you imagine when you think of doing the deed. Classics do have their time and place but remember—if music never evolved past the era of Mozart or Beethoven, we wouldn’t have The Beatles.
We’re not saying erotic furniture is as great as The Beatles—but you’ll have to try it yourself to know for sure.
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