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Warning: This first time will leave you wanting more!


When I arrived home it was sitting on the porch waiting to be opened and I knew right away what it was.  I had ordered it because my husband, who also just happened to be my Dom, was tired of me screaming in pain from him trying to access the deep part of his well.  He thought the Ramp/Wedge Combo would hopefully fix all the problems with him penetrating his most sacred vessel.


I grabbed the box and entered the house and called out but he wasn’t home, so I took it upstairs to our private dungeon.  Of course, I had to grab the key, for that room, because we always kept it locked just in case the kids decided to come home from college.  I entered the room, opened the box, unwrapped the Ramp/Wedge Combo, and placed it at the end of the bed.


After I felt how soft it was I decided to get ready for my husbands arrival home.  He always preferred me naked at all times it was one of his many rules, in our house, for me to obey.  I headed to our actual bedroom leaving the dungeon open and stripped out of my scrubs.  I felt dirty from the day’s activities so I decided to take a shower.


As I was washing my body, that was not really my own anymore but belonged to my Dom, I heard the shower curtain move and then I felt arms around my body.  He was finally home and had decided to join me in the shower.  He took my sponge away from me and slowly traversed the body that was his.


As he approached the breasts he said, “I couldn’t find you after I noticed the dungeon was unlocked and a new toy was on the bed.”


I answered, “It was on the porch when I arrived home, sir.”  This is how I always answered him when we were home alone.  I only called him by his christian name when out in public and the kids were home.  “I hope you don’t mind that I already unwrapped and put it on the bed, sir.”


“No I don’t mind.  I’m just glad I caught you in the shower cause I love washing you myself,” he said.


“And I love when you do, sir,” I answered.


He then slowly massaged the breasts with the sponge and then headed south to the promise land.  As he maneuvered the sponge between my legs his mouth descended upon the breasts.  I had to brace the walls as I felt sensations pass through my body from the warmth of his tongue on the breasts.


After we were finished with the shower he dried off first then I was ordered out of the tub.  He took the towel and dried off the body that belonged to him and then I headed to my counter, to put on lotion.  He said, “I prefer no lotion tonight and I want you at the dungeon in five.”


I nodded my assent, “Yes, sir.”


As he left the bathroom I knew that he was thinking of what exactly he wanted to do tonight in the dungeon.  When there was a new toy to play with he was always excited.  He was like a kid in a toy store but his toys always were of the sexual kind.


I approached the dungeon room that was dark blue in color with a king size bed placed in the middle.  On one wall hung all his ropes, whips, and floggers and by another wall was a chest full of toys from anal beads to different kinds of vibrators, all bought from Liberator, to which he used to torture me when I was extremely bad.  But converting the closet space into an area to hold an iron cross was the biggest thing he did. But this was a new toy night so the closet door was closed.


I knelt down at the entrance of the room, bowed my head, and waited for him to tell me to come to him or him coming to get me.  I heard shuffling on the bed as the spread was taken off and the pristine red sheets, which he preferred where exposed.  I then realized he was standing in front of me and stroking my head.  He lifted my chin and said, “Ok my pet it is time to play.”


He strapped a collar around my neck that had a leash on it and led me towards the bed.  He positioned me on the Ramp/Wedge Combo with my chest down in an angle and my ass up in the air.  Then I felt oil being poured down my ass and him massaging it into both holes.  I also felt his penis rubbing up against my leg and getting harder and longer.


After he was satisfied with the oiling I felt his index finger exploring my ass.  As he penetrated I heard a sigh, which I do not know whether it came from him or me.  I started to wriggle from the sensation of his invasion so he took his other hand and laid it across my back, which was an indication for me to be still.


As his index finger kept going back and forth in my ass I felt his penis enter the pussy that he owned.  And it was the first time I felt no pain at all and I exclaimed, “Sir, that feels so much better than before and I love the feel of you in me.”


He commented, “I had a feeling this would accomplish a no pain resistance to my penetration.”


So he succinctly started in and out slowly then as I got wetter and hotter I asked him, “Can I please cum sir?”


He answered, “Not yet my whore.”


So I held on to my orgasm as he pumped and pumped and then as he got faster and faster and closer to his own climax he said, “Cum.”





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