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Warning: This dancer has some amazing moves!


They rehearsed in a large studio which they usually had to themselves. With the competition coming up they had to rehearse frequently, as the choreography was so complex. The Studio had mirrors from floor to ceiling across three of its four walls to reflect each movement across the hardwood floor from various angles. On two of the walls ran the sturdy practice barre. Other than the music system and speakers, there was very little furniture. One item they brought in some time ago was a Black Label Equus. With the exception of the D-rings located near the base it looked like a piece of contemporary furniture. Who knew?


He got there a bit early. On the table with the sound system he placed his black bag. In it was an assortment of his favorite toys. He knew his dance partners’ tastes and moves very, very well. Her petite frame belied a strong and flexible body, one that women 20 years younger were jealous of. He was stressed and needed a good workout and he was intent on making sure she arrived a few minutes later dressed in a black halter and tight yoga pants. Her kit bag seemed more full than usual and he said so. She smiled an impossibly impish look and unzipping the bag brought out an item that had freed her inner passions and let them flow effortlessly; the black Fascinator Throw. He had introduced her to it when they first became more than just dance partners; she threw it onto the Equus.


She thought briefly back to that first experience of squirting orgasms and flashed him a hot glance. Yesssss, she too needed some release. He started the music and they began their warm up. They danced until their sweat just began to form. Then in one sweeping motion he lifted her up to where her breasts were level with his chin and as he smiled he tossed her onto the Equus. He slid it across the floor to the middle of the dance space. Laughing he reached into his bag and brought forth the Amore Blindfold and Red Garrison Cuffs. She felt her wetness increase. “What fun he is”, she thought, knowing that whatever he was thinking it was as unpredictable as it would be orgasm-inducing. But then, she had her own ideas…. He ordered her to undress which she did quickly.


Placing the blindfold on her, she heard the cuffs unleashed and then secured. But they were not on her wrists at all. “You will need to assist me” he said. “But you cannot remove the blindfold. Now, secure the cuffs”.


Her excitement grew; had he read her mind? But what a delightfully naughty twist! She would explore him and ride him and give them both such pleasure but she had to do it all by feel; no peeking! Of course he could see it all in the mirrors, reflected more than one way. She pressed him down on his back and secured the cuffs till she was sure he could not move. She reached around until she found his belt which she undid and slipped out. Pulling his tight jeans off she undid his buttons and shirt. Then she began. She nipped around his neck and kissed him fiercely letting one, sharp fingernail drift down across his chest and navel and sliding under his balls where she then gathered them into the palm of her hand as he let out a small pleasure. She became inflamed with desire. She slowly circled her tongue around the head of his cock before driving it deep into her mouth. He turned his head to the left and watching began to feel the pressure rising from the root. She swirled her tongue while sucking him, and gently drew her teeth tight around the shaft. Then, without warning she drives his cock so deep into her mouth, so hungry she cannot stop herself. She begins to gag and just then he cums. Unable to swallow it all, she holds some in her mouth knowing since he cannot move, all he can do is lay there and watch. She slowly opens her lips and lets cum slip and dribble down onto his cock.


Now needing her own full release she straddles his bound form and lowers herself fully on him. She strokes him with her wet swollen pussy, her senses enhanced by being unable to see; she is fully focused on the pleasure she is taking and giving. Her body explodes in a rush of gushing orgasm, which he can see as he looks down his torso watching her cum splash, glistening on his hardness. The sensation of her warm fluid dripping down around his balls and his ass into the Throw makes him growl like a caged animal. She collapses, in sheer ecstasy. But she knows what his growl means, and cannot wait for what comes next.


As she climbs off, she releases his once released and he wastes no time. Still blindfolded he roughly leads her by holding the back of her hair to the barre in the corner where two mirrors met. “Stay”, he said and walked back to the bag. From it he removed the LouLou Red Satin Ties which he used to swiftly bind her wrists to the barre so that one arm was to the left of the corner, the other to the right. She was still dripping from her play but now became even more excited as she heard the swish of the Zephyr Flogger. She could feel her nipples harden as he whipped up under her, lashing her breasts. The as he began expertly using it on her ass and pussy, just as the pain turned to pleasure, she felt him drive into her. He reached forward and removed the blindfold and she was blinded by As they both rose to a crescendo their Dance was, fully released….



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