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Warning: You never know what’s behind closed doors!

This would be my first night with my Dom.  I was recently divorced and decided to explore my sexuality by diving into the BDSM world.  I signed onto a BDSM website that was free for women.  He IM’d me first while I was on the site one day.  We talked for a little while and I looked up his info afterwards. The next day I IM’d him back and told him I was interested.

We agreed to meet in two months at my place because I had just moved into a new house.  He told me what I needed to buy and recommended a site for me to check for items. The Liberator site didn’t just have toys to buy but also articles that help me figure out how to use my own sexuality better.  

I bought some dildo’s, based off of my new Dom’s dimensions, a cordless wand, and my biggest prize was a red Esse lounge, along with the Esse conversion kit, and Flip stage.  I thought this was my piece de resistance cause he had told me he had a bad back.

He arrived at my house two months later dressed in a white fitted shirt and dark blue jeans that fit him like a glove.  I ushered him in, “Hello sir.  Welcome to my home would you like something to eat or drink?”

“No, but you can call me Chase since we are not involved in play right now.”

“Okay.  Would you like to check out the playroom I made or would you rather just sit and relax for awhile?”

“I would like to check out the room.  The sooner I acquaint myself to what you have the more comfortable we both will be.”

I preceded him down the hallway to a spare bedroom that I now kept under lock and key.  I opened the door, stepped back, for him to walk in, and left him there to get settled.  It was a good hour before I saw him again and when I did he just had on his jeans, unbuttoned and slightly opened.  He had divested himself of his shirt, belt, shoes, and socks.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me up off the couch. “Let’s go play my little mouse.”

We headed back down the hallway and stopped at the closed door to the playroom.  “Strip and kneel down before me slut.”

I took off every stitch of clothing and kneeled before my lord and master, lowering my head to show my respect.  He lifted up my head by grabbing my chin with his hand.  “Now I’m going to open this door and you will stay here until I order you to come in.  Do you understand?”

I nodded my head yes.  “I don’t want just a nod I want a verbal answer, whore.”

“Yes, sir.  I understand.”  I answered.

He opened the door, walked in, and left me kneeling at the entrance.  I noticed that there where candles lit all around the room and that my prize possession was front and center.  He took off his jeans and placed them on the bed in the room.  I noticed that he had on no underwear but that he was hung like he said he was, when he had given me his dimensions two months ago.

He laid down on the Esse lounge, looked towards me, crooked a finger, “Come on your knees.”

As I crawled towards him I begun to wonder what he had in mind because he had already attached all the clips from the Esse conversion kit as well.  Once I reached him he ordered, “Stand and straddle me with your face towards mine.”

I stood and straddled him as he asked.  The next thing I knew he had taken my wrists and attached soft handcuffs.  He then clipped them to the lounge so that my chest was cleaved to his.  “Now take your feet and place them on the side of my hips.”  I do.  “That’s good.”

He grabs another set of soft cuffs and attached them to my ankles.  He clips those into another set of clips on the side of the lounge.  He forces my body up a little, “Is that comfortable?”

“Yes, sir.”

I look into his luscious green eyes and noticed the desire coming forth through them.  I also feel his penis plumping up beneath me.  He grabs his phallus and starts to move up and down with his hand making it grow larger and larger.  He finally takes his fingers and enters my pussy.  “This is mine now so when you refer to it when your talking to me you will always say yours.  Is that understandable?”

I looked down at him from my position and answered, “Yes, sir.  This vagina and ass now belongs to you, sir.”

As he massaged the inner workings of his pussy I felt myself ready to cum.  I screamed, “Sir I need you inside me.”


“Cause I want to cum with you on the inside, sir.”

He stopped on the spot.  “Well I guess since you’ve been a good girl for the last two months I will let you have a prize.  Can I go bareback or do I have to glove up?”

“No glove needed and I’m on the pill as well sir.”

Grabbing his penis and opening his pussy, much wider so that it can accommodate his large phallus, he eased into me as slowly as possible.  The vibrations alone were overwhelming my system.  Once he was fully seated into the cavern of me he slowly ushered me with his arms up and down his shaft.  When I came I shouted, “Chase!!!“

He came a few seconds later.  “That’s the best sex I’ve had in years and I now you are completely mine forever and always.”

I fell forward onto his chest, “Mine too and I believe I am yours forever, sir.”  As I relayed these words he unclipped me from the lounge.



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