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Warning: This one has bite!


The phone rings, “Hello” Jenna says.


“Hi, how is your day?” Griffin asks.


“Oh the usual, nothing special. You?” she asks.


“Same here, nothing special” he asks.


“What would you like to do for dinner?” she asks


“OH nothing special. I thought we could stay in this evening. How about the first one home starts dinner?” Griffin replies.


“OK. sounds like a plan. See you at home “she responds.


The remainder of the day goes slowly, and soon Jenna is driving home. As she drives she runs through the dinner options in her mind- leftovers, frozen lasagna, pizza. She was pleasantly surprised to see his car in the drive, now she didn’t have to decide on dinner. She found the front door unlocked. She went in and was greeted by the smell of her favorite cologne, she smiles as she knows this means he has showered and shaved. When she closed the door, she was surprised again. Waiting for her was her favorite drink and his box. She took a long slow sip of her drink, and closed here eyes. She could already see him in the living room waiting for her. He would be on his knees naked, knees spread wide and his hands resting on his thighs. He would be looking down, and she smiles. He would be perfect. The thought of his box made her panties wet, the sight of it sent a current of adrenalin surging through her body. She took another slow drink, and then stepped into the kitchen. She swirled the drink in the glass so the ice hit the sides of the glass. He didn’t move but there was a small hint of a smile across his face. He knew she was looking at him. He knows he has the power to ignite her to the core of her being. He relishes the fact that he has that affect on her.


That the sight of him will make her pussy wet and aching. She took one more drink and placed the box and the drink on the table. She turned to go down the hall. When she reached the bedroom she found the bed linens turned down, and the room set up just the way she likes it. The Wedge is placed at the foot of the bed and the Ramp is placed at the side of the bed. She pulled her hair up high and tight in a clip.


She pulled on a pair of red satin panties, and her red shelf bra. The bra that makes her nipples stand at attention. She puts on her red silk blouse, and sighs as the soft fabric grazes her nipples. Her nipples ache for more attention. She steps into her black leather skirt, form fitting and just above her knees. God how he loved raising the hem of that skirt! And finally she stepped into her black patent leather fuck me shoes.


She went into the bathroom, lined and painted her eyes. On her lips she puts cherry red lipstick, the color matches her panties perfectly. She closes here eyes and imagines herself standing naked except for cherry red lips, red satin panties, and heels. She smiles because she knows exactly how she is going to get that way. She picks up a few items from the bedroom and heads back down the hall.


She finds him just the way she left him. Her pupils dilate just at the sight of him. She walks onto the hardwood floor with purpose, driving her heels onto the floor. Again he didn’t move, but his breathing getting faster. She picks up the glass and takes another drink. With a flick of her wrist the flogger slaps against the leather skirt and her thigh. He remains still but the mire sound of it makes his cock jump. She smiles and runs her hand over the box.


She picks up both items and walks across the kitchen floor. She sets them both on the counter. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you look?” He says nothing. She walks and stands directly in front of him. She knows him well enough to know his eyes maybe looking down, but he can see what shoes she is wearing. His favorite shoes. The heels that make her legs go forever, and keeps her ass up high and tight. She walks behind him. She runs the crop down his back and up again as she speaks.


“So it appears that you want to play this evening?” he says nothing. “Answer me!” she commands.


“Yes” he says. The crop came down swiftly on his shoulder.


“Yes WHAT?” she demands.


“Yes, Ma ‘me” he replies.


She smiles and walks back over to the counter. She finishes her drink, and opens the box. Inside is a beautiful black leather collar. She strokes the leather as she takes it out of the box. She unbuckled it as she walks behind him.


“Before I return this to you let us both be clear- if I ask you to do something you are uncomfortable with or you are getting tired- What is your caution word?”


“Yellow” he replies clearly.


“Good. If at anytime you need or want to stop immediately for any reason what is your safe “Red” he responds. He could feel the heat radiating off her body as she stepped closer to him.


He loved the fact he could smell her already. She was wet, and he has every intention on making her wetter. To please her, pleasure her in any way she wants. He gave her his heart years before, she hold that always, but tonight he gives her everything- heart, body and unconditional love. She fastens the collar in place, for only she puts it on and she takes it off. He could feel her cheek against his ear, and she spoke the words he longed to hear ALL day.


“You-ARE-MINE!!!!! And it is time to welcome me home.”


He smiles……….