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Warning: Hot & dreamy encounters ahead!


I’ve come home to an empty house tonight. My husband usually is home by now, but not tonight. That’s okay because all I want is a hot shower and my bed. I’m so tired that I’m not even hungry for dinner. I start undressing as I head towards our bedroom. As I enter the bedroom I notice a small table set up next to our LiberatorEsse Chaise. The table holds, 2 red Silk Binding Sashes, a pair of my sexiest red high heels, lubricant, blindfold and a note.


I quickly grab up the note to read it. I am instructed to shower, put the heels and blindfold on and bend over the highest mound on the Esse with my legs spread apart. Then I am to wait for them….. Them? Who will be here?


I don’t know but the room is being perfumed with my arousal. I do as I am instructed and wait. I do not know how long I have been waiting but when I do hear the door open I am so excited that I can feel my arousal slowly running down my inner thighs.


Suddenly a pair of warm hands are caressing my butt, then I am stood up and my arms are pulled behind my back as I feel the soft silk being wrapped around my body and arms. He works quickly and the sashes start just below my breasts and stop just above my puss. My bindings are tight but not uncomfortable.


I am once again folded over the highest side of the Liberator Esse. I spread my legs wide and arch my back to lift my ass as high into the air as possible. Two strong hands hold my head on each side and I lick my lips in anticipation for what I know is coming next.


I feel his body heat on my face, I can smell his maleness just as he enters my mouth. I can taste his pre cum on my tongue and lick with enthusiasm. He’s warm, salty and really mouth watering good. He holds my head and takes control of our rhythm. I swirl my tongue and suck with the right pressure and I am rewarded with a deep moan and more warm pre cum on my tongue.


I feel him thicken and grow harder and I swallow everything he gives me. When he removes his cock from my mouth I am told to “guess who just had you”, your husband or our guest? So I guess. But as soon as I guess I feel someone at my rear. Strong hands grip my hips and I feel the slickness of lubricant on my anus. I am filled by his hard cock in one motion, thick and hard.


He thrusts fast and hard and I am taking it all and loving it. Again when he is done I am told to “guess who just had you”. So I guess. The game continues for hours before we are sated. The two men have had me multiple times, I have been eaten, fucked in the puss, fucked in the ass and fucked in the mouth over and over again. But my body is still humming with need for more.

And after every time I am told to “guess who just had you”. I guess the question to really be asked is not “who just had you” but when they asked me “who just had you” did I lie and answer their question incorrectly to keep the game going or did they lie when I answered correctly?  I guess you”ll never know…….





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