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Warning: Sexy curves abound!


River and Juniper had spent the day with Samantha. Sam was River’s old friend from high school. They had reconnected through social media, and Sam was doing contract work in town. They were having such a good time, catching up, and as the evening went on, opening up. Not surprisingly, the conversation eventually turned to sex.


“I have three piercings,” Sam offered, “and it’s really fun when airport security sees them on x-ray.” They all laughed.


“I’ve heard a hood piercing increases sensation,” Juniper responded, though she had expressed to River that she could never do that.


“Sure, and with my vibe I’m over the moon. But what really gets me going is using my toys when I’m reclining on my Ramp from Liberator.” Samantha almost blushed.


Juniper was hooked. “Sounds great. What’s that?” was all River heard while leaving the room, returning with their Wedge. “Of course,” she purred, “I love our Wedge.”


The next morning, after being reminded of their Wedge, River secretly ordered a Scoop from Liberator. It was time to step up the furniture, after all. After a few days of anticipation, the good-sized box arrived.


“What’s that?” asked Juniper. “The box isn’t very heavy.”


“Oh, goodie, let’s see,” responded River, opening the box to reveal the blue velvet half circle.


Juniper was excited. “What is it?”


“It’s a Scoop. I ordered it from Liberator after we had Sam over.”


Juniper mustered a sultry, “Ooooo.”


“That’s dessert,” River responded, planting a deep, wet kiss on Juniper’s lips. “Maybe we can inaugurate our new room with it.”


A favorite pastime was to christen rooms, houses, even cars with hot sex. They were laying a new floor and wanted to have sex in the room before the floor was finished. After dinner, they lit candles in their new room, placing the Scoop on the partially completed hardwood floor. Juniper kissed River, and sat down on its rounded side. She pulled off her top, exposing her polka-dotted bra. River kissed her chest.


“Why don’t you lie back?” River offered. Juniper obliged, arching her body over its gentle curve. River unbuttoned her pants and slid them off, licking and kissing her thighs, gradually making the way toward her crotch. River’s tongue explored her labia along the edges of her panties, eventually slipping them off, too.


With Juniper wrapped over the curve of the Scoop, legs spread open, River began the delicious work on Juniper’s soft and increasingly wet pussy. Sometimes Juniper could come in minutes, if the anticipation and foreplay were all lined up. This time was no different. River barely had to stroke her clit long before the moaning intensified and her thighs clenched around River’s head as she came.


“How was that?” asked River lapping up her wetness. “Comfortable wrapped over the Scoop?”


“Yes, definitely,” cooed Juniper, “but I really want you to fuck me on this!” River’s gender identity was fluid and flexible; the passion with Juniper constant. Born into a man’s body, River had shared with Juniper that being a woman was a dream. Juniper had said that River was a lesbian with a penis. And there was no denying how much River loved to fuck Juniper.


“We should move the Scoop, don’t you think?” River asked while disrobing. “How about on its side, so I can fuck you from behind?”


“Sounds delightful,” Juniper responded, flipping the Scoop on its side and bending over it. Exposing her beautiful ass, River’s penis glided over her still moist lips, rubbing her clit from behind.


Juniper reached between her legs, placing River’s cock right on her opening, and pushed back, moaning deeply as River entered her. River held onto Juniper’s hips, sliding in and out. Juniper was folded over the Scoop, with one arm on the floor. Her other arm reached back, alternating between feeling River’s cock moving back and forth in her, and touching her clit. After removing her bra, River reached forward to caress Juniper’s breasts, stroking her nipples. Between River fucking her and her finger on her clit, Juniper came once more, arching her back.


“I always love to watch your back arch when you come,” River commented.


“And now you need to come,” Juniper replied, moving off the Scoop. “How about I ride you, while we rock back-n-forth?”


“Yum,” answered River, moving the Scoop onto its curved side and sitting on the flat top surface. “Climb aboard and grind.”


“With pleasure,” moaned Juniper, moving carefully onto River’s erect penis. It definitely took some practice to coordinate the rocking motion with their own rhythm, but with their long experienced history with each other’s bodies, they found their way. Juniper loved to grind her clit on River, and the added rocking motion of the Scoop increased her pleasure.


“I’m not coming again until you do,” Juniper instructed.


“That won’t be much longer. Can’t you tell?” answered River. “Yes, you’re swelling inside me.”


They rocked back and forth, moaning, kissing, Juniper riding River’s cock with increasing intensity. Back and forth, up and down, in and out, until in a passionate crescendo they came together. River exploded inside Juniper, Juniper groaning as she clamped down on River.


The dismount was tricky this first time. They half-fell half-flopped to the floor. They left their clothes where they had fallen, blew out the candles and went to bed.


The next morning, River was tidying up, picking up their clothes and finding a spot to store the Scoop. Looking down at the top of the Scoop, where they had rocked back and forth to great pleasure just the night before, River yelled to Juniper, “Honey, you gotta see this!”




“Look at the top of the Scoop,” River said, pointing at the imprint from their ride. Pressed into the blue velvet was a perfect outline of River’s thighs and ass. No penis, just folds of skin. “I got the labia I’ve always wanted.”




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