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Warning: Strangers make the best bed-fellows!


I hear our COO speaking to someone; this someone has a deep voice that is echoing through our starkly quiet office. I look up to see a man with a full-beard, a shaved head, and dressed in a black tailored suit. He’s not very tall, maybe an inch or two taller than me, but has a solid build. He has a strong jaw line but soft eyes; his hands are large and his shoulders are broad. His name is Bill. He walks by my desk, and I smile and blush as he leaves.


He was confident but not pompous; soft and strong at the same time. My email dings and I have a new message. It’s from him! He tells me to meet him at a hotel bar downtown at 6:00 PM. I run to the restroom and begin to look myself over. I should have worn something less casual, should have done my hair differently, worn more make-up. I need to fix this.


I make my way to a lingerie boutique in the city. With the help of the very hands-on and beautiful sales clerk, we reach a mutual agreement on a black bustier with matching black lace panties. I pick out a pair of high heels in devil red, and slip on the long pea-coat I have stashed in the car for winter. I pull my long hair into a loose bun and line my lips with a color to match my heels. I hope he likes what he sees.


I enter the bar, smile and walk to him. He grins mischievously and looks me up and down. He’s confused but interested. Everyone in the bar is watching us as he takes my hand and leads me to the hotel lobby. We wait for an elevator.


He hits 8 and the elevator starts moving. He stands in front of me and starts unbuttoning my pea coat, his hands slide under and I feel them on my torso. He wraps them around my back and pulls me close as he kisses me deeply. With my coat hanging open, he presses against me, and my hands work to loosen his belt. He takes notice and gently grabs my wrists, pushing them to the elevator wall he tells me to wait while lightly kissing my lips, teasing me.


The doors open and an older couple, waiting, stares. I work quickly to cover myself and Bill grabs my hand as we run out of the elevator, laughing. We arrive to a closed door and Bill fumbles to open it. With the slide of the key card there’s a click, and the door pushes open. I feel along the dark walls for a light switch but give up the search when I feel him against me again. He’s hard and that belt buckle is still fastened. I drop to my knees and use the street lights streaming through a crack in the curtains to loosen the clasp and unbutton his pants. I pull them down.


My mouth is watering. I tear off his boxer briefs and slowly lick his hard cock. I can feel him tremble while leaning into the wall. I look up at him, his eyes are closed and mouth open.  I push him deep into my throat and slowly pull him from my mouth with my lips sitting softly on his tip. I lick him again and move his cock to the side to take his left ball in my mouth.  I suck and pull softly and he gives in. His body slowly slides down the wall, not wanting to interrupt the caress of my mouth.


Bill drops to my level and removes my coat. He kisses me and that familiar taste of whiskey fills my mouth. I can’t catch my breath. The bustier yields to his demand and after 15 latches, frees itself from my body. My breast is in his mouth, and his hand is working its way beneath the black lace panties.  I am soaking wet.


I take off his shirt. He stands and pulls me up with him and we head to the bed. I feel a familiar shape — a Liberator Ramp. How did he know I wanted one of these?


My black panties are stripped off and Bill climbs on top of me while the street lights, giving me brief views of the man I needed to have inside me. I wrap my thighs around him and lift my hips, he’s throbbing. He finds his way inside me and that first thrust arches my back; my body pulses and my thighs grip him harder, not giving him the chance to pull completely out.


We work in rhythm with one another. He eventually loosens my grip, and I ask to be taken from behind. I pull the Ramp to me and position myself on its edge, moving to give my hips the optimal lift. He moves behind me and runs his hands down my back, grabs my hair and slaps my ass. He leans forward, pulls me to him and bites my shoulder, wrapping his arm around my torso and pushing harder to get deeper. I shiver and want more.


He’s getting warmer and his thrusts are stronger. I push myself to him and tell him to make me feel it. He tightens his hands around my waist and moves faster while steadying himself. I get tighter around him, and he notices, taking a hand and rubbing my clit in sync with his thrusts. I tell him to cum inside me, I demand it; faster, harder, a final thrust and he slows. I feel his sweat drip onto my back. He licks the length of my back and I ease myself on to the bed. He lies beside me, and I see his skin glisten, his chest heaving. He laces his fingers between mine and we fall asleep.


I wake to a jewelry box on the nightstand with a new wedding band. A note near the box reads “Happy Four-Year Anniversary.”


I smile, shower, and go to work.