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Warning: Sexy shocks within!

Lisa was surprised to get the text from her husband that he was picking up their boys. She pulled into the garage and noticed James’ SUV was missing. Maybe he took the boys to the park she thought as she went upstairs and pulled out her Kindle to read a short romance novel before they all got home. Entering the living room she was surprised to see what was sitting on the coffee table. A vase full of roses and chocolate-dipped strawberries sat on a silver platter beside the flowers. There was also an envelope with the phrase “Mon Cheri,” Lisa’s pet name from James. It almost always signified that some BDSM play was to come.


The letter was simple and to the point. The boys were spending the night with James’ parents. He would be home at 7:30 and she was to be dressed and awaiting him at that time. The last line of the letter made her smile, “You know what you should wear.” And she certainly did.


Having some time to relax she laid down on the couch, nibbled on a strawberry and lost herself in the erotic novel James had sent her last night on her Kindle. She wanted to touch herself badly as she read, but knew that James would be very displeased if she did that before he was home. She had set a timer and when it went off she closed her phone and went upstairs. In their bedroom was their Liberator Wedge and Ramp Combo, with the Conversion Kit on it as well. She could feel her wetness as she looked at the restraints and knew that soon she’d be bound by them.


Lisa showered and also shaved, making sure every area was exactly as she and James liked it. Her legs smooth, her mound with just a tuft of hair on her pubic bone. Lisa stepped out of the shower and wrapped her hair in a towel and began to rub lotion all over her body, making her smell like lavender, James’ favorite scent.


Her body now prepped, Lisa laid out the clothes she would be wearing for James. There wasn’t much she would be wearing, just as he liked it. She hooked the black garter belt around her waist and sat on the bed, sliding each black, silk stocking slowly up her legs before clipping them to the garters. Standing she opened her closet and pulled out her black 4” pumps and slipped her feet in them. James loved nothing more than to see his wife like this. She also slipped on the jewelry she wore expressly when she was Mon Cheri.


A silver anklet on her right leg and another silver tennis bracelet on her left wrist matched the silver ring she wore on her right hand that signified their bond as Dominant and Submissive almost as much as the ring on her left hand signified their marriage. James treated both vows he had made with the same attention and importance.


Lisa finished her hair and dabbed on a bit of makeup right before she heard the buzz of her phone. A text message from James; “Will be there in 30 minutes. Climb on the bed and secure yourself to the Wedge/Ramp. Leave one hand free to play with yourself. Put on the blindfold beside the Wedge/Ramp as well. Use your new glass dildo and bring yourself to the brink of orgasm five times before I arrive. Do not cum until I arrive, or else there will be a punishment!”


Lisa’s knees quivered as she read the text. James always knew how to push her buttons. She could easily bring herself to brink and back with almost any of their other toys, but the new glass dildo felt so much like James, only harder, that she had trouble from spilling over the edge.


Determined to do as James had asked and not cum (no matter how much she knew she would want to) Lisa grabbed her toy,climbed onto the bed, secured her ankles to the straps and laid back. Slipping the blindfold over her eyes she tightened the cuff on her left hand and let the darkness envelope her. In the still and the quiet of the house she could hear her heart racing. Running the dildo along her torso she shivered as the cold glass brought goose bumps to her skin.


She moved farther down to the top of her pubic mound. Lisa gasped as she ran the dildo along her outer lips. She teased herself for another moment before slowly sliding the tip of the dildo inside of herself. She cried out as she felt the head enter her and though she had meant to tease herself more, she couldn’t help herself and began to slide the shaft deep within her. Her pace was slow but deep, and she moaned as her pace quickened. She could feel herself drawing closer to the edge, yet kept pushing. At the moment she knew she was about to orgasm, she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and cried out as she withstood the tremors from the near orgasm.


She did this 3 more times, her cries intensifying and becoming louder each time. On the fifth time she didn’t know if she would be able to hold out. It was coming closer when she felt a hand on her thigh and she cried out in shock and surprise. One word followed, “Cum,” and Lisa exploded, her body writhing and thrashing in orgasmic bliss. This lasted an eternity until she came back into this plane of existence. James pulled off her blindfold and smiled. “When did you get here?” she asked.


“I’ve been here the whole time; I was hiding in the boys’ room. Once I heard the first cry I’ve been standing here watching. Now get ready, it’s my turn to make you scream.”


James said as he climbed onto the bed with Lisa. She was all for that.