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Sex furniture is getting a bunch of mainstream attention these days but none like the Liberator Sex Wedge Pillow. It looks like everyone is talking about this budding trend in “home decor.” Of course, using a positioning aid, like the Liberator Wedge, is a great way to experience greater passion, desire, and sexual enhancement—but there can be a learning curve. In order to fully appreciate the benefits of any type of sex furniture, one has to understand what it takes to find your sweet spot.

I’ve read a few reviews where some couples mention using their Liberator Sex Wedge Pillow just once. I get it—when my husband and I tried out the Wedge for the first time, it was not what we expected. While for some couples it can result in earth-shattering sex right out of the box, it doesn’t work like that for a lot of couples. For people like us—we just stood there looking at it like it was a stranger who wandered into our bedroom and taken over our bed. Now, I know if we felt that way, many others are probably experiencing the same thing too.

Here are some of the things we learned about incorporating the Liberator Wedge into our regular sexual repertoire, and why we took our own sweet time doing so!

Liberator Sex Wedge Pillow

Start Small with the Liberator Sex Wedge Pillow

If you’re new to the concept of sex furniture, starting at a reasonable size is a good bet. The reason the Liberator Sex Wedge Pillow fit our style is because we weren’t entirely sure if it was something we would use again. Although the website has these incredible position illustrations, it was challenging to see myself being that daring and adventurous. I’m a basic missionary gal.  We just wanted something simple to add height to my ass and increase the passion. For us, the Wedge was the ideal size. It did not completely overtake our bed and was something that could easily be tucked away while the kids are at home. For those looking for something less of a financial commitment, check out the Jaz or Jaz Motion. They are a little smaller, and the price point fits any budget. The Jaz Motion adds a rocking movement to his thrusts as well!

Do What’s Familiar First

As mentioned, I’ve been accustomed to the missionary position for quite some time, and have felt comfortable doing it that way for years. When I first slid myself on top of the Liberator Sex Wedge Pillow, it felt comfortable and stable—not like my regular down-filled (now retired) pillow. I did, however, feel vulnerable—like I was prepping for some kind of athletic marathon. To ease the tension, instead of immediately whipping out the Wedge during foreplay, we slowly incorporated it as the arousal increased. This made the flow of having sex on the Wedge feel way more natural. Plus, being turned-on made me feel less self-conscious of exposing my body.

Liberator Sex Wedge PillowPace Yourself

After a few sessions using the Wedge, we both felt confident in trying some light oral techniques. More him-on-me than me-on-him. I found him willing to go down on me more often during intercourse because the Liberator Sex Wedge Pillow gave him better access. It also made me feel secure with spreading my legs wider. And it was easier on his neck because he didn’t have to bend it at such an awkward angle. We still maintained our regular missionary position. But by adding the oral twist, we were eager to move things to the next level—at our own pace.

Let Her Take the Lead

What did I ever do before the Wedge? Oh, yeah, I remember now—just laid there flat waiting for him to finish the deed. Incorporating the Wedge really changed the way we interact with one another. I’ve noticed more eye contact and deepening trust and intimacy. Now, I feel confident and less awkward about being assertive and riding on top of him. Because girl-on-top was unfamiliar, it did take a few months to wrap my head around just attempting such a position. Now, with the Wedge angled beneath his thighs, he’s able to engage the thrusting. I can feel everything, including the great clitoral massage he does with his thumb.

Liberator Sex Wedge PillowDare to Be Different

Our Wedge has opened the door to all types of position possibilities. We are no longer intimidated by moving it around or flipping it here or there for just the right access. It’s no longer a stranger, but a welcomed part of the fun. Of course, this was not an overnight sensation. We had to get used to the idea that something, other than our bodies, was in bed with us. Once feeling insecure about exposing our bodies, we are exploring an entirely new terrain by staging things off the bed. My favorite position is still on my back, but I love seeing him stand at the edge of the bed and take over the action.

Watch the Expectations

When first considering sex furniture, we had this immediate expectation of being the “greatest lovers on earth.” Though this is entirely doable, it does take time! Yes, adding a piece of sex furniture does change the dynamic over time. However, being aware of your expectations leads to better and more gratifying sex. My husband and I mutually agreed to purchase the Wedge as a way to test the waters. It is manageable, easy to maneuver, and unobtrusive over time. Next up, we’re going to sweeten up our Wedge with a Black Label Conversion Kit!