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Intimate Bedroom Fun with Liberator Furniture

The trick to adding a little flavoring is Liberator furniture. There is no end to the variety of experiences you can have with a little creativity!

Liberator FurnitureIn economic terms, relationships can suffer from LDR—Law of Diminishing Returns. It’s like having your first glass of water on a hot day. At first, it quenches your thirst. After each glass, however, things become a little less satisfying. That’s because your need is not as strong and the sensations not as stimulating. By the millionth glass, you may be sick of water altogether.

Inspiration Comes Easy with Liberator Furniture

Sex is the glue that helps bond couples together, while unexpected surprises keep us going back for more. No matter how many times you have been with your partner, that variety is the spice that will keep your partnership saucy.

Creativity can come from anywhere. But first, you’ll have to let go of your inhibitions. Moving together helps with discovering new ways of being expressive. If you usually have sex laying flat on a bed, you will probably end up doing the same thing every time. Objects not in motion tend to stay that way. You’ve got to get up and get out the comfort zone to make a real impact.

Create the Right Conditions

Liberator furniture sets the stage, making it easy for switching positions and discover new ones. Standing, lying, or sitting on our Liberator furniture puts your bodies in alignment. No more worrying about awkward moments of “ouch!’ or “um, I don’t think that goes there.” Being able to move all around the piece, you can really discover sex in a way you did not consider when you were flat on a bed and fighting with gravity.

Liberator Furniture


Make Sex Look & Feel Better

Liberator furniture is designed to provide deeper angles and more comfortable positions. For oral, it lifts up the receiver to make them more accessible for the giver. With the strain taken off the neck and shoulders, you can last a lot longer. The same principle applies to doggy. The receiver will be splayed on the Liberator furniture–offering a lot of eye candy and visual stimulation.

Liberator furniture is fashionably crafted to fit any room in the house. Unless your neighbors are already aware, they will not recognize your Liberator furniture when they see it in your bedroom or living room. And if they do… well, you’ll have lot’s to brag about with each other!

Liberator FurnitureYou Do You

There are so many benefits to Liberator furniture. We make it easy for choosing one. What is not so easy, is deciding which one works best for you. It all depends on how you prefer to have sex—not just your current favorite position, but what you want to achieve. Think past your current repertoire and check out our handy position guide for the features and benefits of each of our pieces.

Missionary: If you love missionary, you can get deeper angles from the Esse Lounger. It’s wider than the Esse Chaise, so you’ll have more room to spread out. Plus, the curves will tilt her pelvis forward for maximum sensation and penetration. The Prelude Bed Bench is also great for missionary, with greater ability for the man to place his feet on the ground for extra thrusting power.

Doggy: There as so many variations with from-behind positions. The Esse Chaise is lower to the ground, so it’s better for shorter men. The receiver can be on her knees on either hump, or she can be draped over it for sexy exposure.  The taller Esse has a similar shape, but it is better for those that do not want to put pressure on their knees by having to bend down.

Liberator Furniture

Girl-on-top: The narrow body of the Esse Chaise is best for cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. She can easily put her feet on the ground, because of its low profile. Plus, she can use the floor to push off from for more powerful thrusts and ease off her thighs. 

Standing: While the Esse and slightly shorter Esse Chaise can both be used for standing positions, with the receiver either lying or kneeling on either end, those that are above average may desire the Flip Stage lift it off the ground to pelvis level. Also ideal for those that prefer standing positions over longer sessions without having to stoop down.

Liberator FurnitureKneeling: If you have concern for your knees, wrists, and elbows, the Zeppelin is ideal for creating a supportive, yet giving, surface for positions that would otherwise put too much pressure on your joints. While the Zeppelin, the Zeppelin Lounger, and the Zeppelin Cocoon can handle any position, their real appeal is the comfort they provide.

Sitting: Any sitting or lotus position can be enhanced on the Esse or the Esse Chaise but facing each other in the middle. The narrower body of the Esse Chaise makes it better for straddling, so those with limited flexibility should choose that one. The Equus is also ideal for straddling and provides a flat, firm surface rather than curved for an uplifted playscape.