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Every single human on this planet needs at least one Liberator Shape in their bedroom. Without question, from senior citizens to athletes, newlyweds to porn stars. Allow me to tell you my story.

The Lonely Liberator Esse

I bought the Liberator Esse in hopes of jumpstarting a failing relationship. But there it sat, in our bedroom, night after night for months—sadly listening to the arguments. The Liberator Esse was amazing for was the piles of laundry. I loved it.
Our attempts at climbing aboard the Esse were futile. Even looking at it felt like it was mocking us. Then eventually, we hit the stop button, on trying and our relationship.
I decided for the first time in my life to not chase away an empty home. I spent time by myself. I didn’t chase women. I didn’t go to bars. And then, I got a friend request.
I had been looking for Elle for more than 10 years before just giving up. After our initial meeting, she fluttered in and out of my life. But she was never out of my mind. I assumed she had a gender transition became an astronaut and flew to Mars for Elon because she was nowhere on Facebook.
We got out of our cars, our eyes met as we hugged, and I felt the ground fall out.


So a decade after our first meeting, I was sitting at work and got the familiar ping of a Friend Request. It was her! She had found me after all this time! We decided on meeting as soon as possible. Living in different extremes of the state and busy schedules, we were forced into a quick reintroducing where we could take it. The parking lot of a popular grocery store is not necessarily the most romantic spot to connect, but neither of us cared. We got out of our cars, our eyes met as we hugged, and I felt the ground fall shake.
There sat the petite curvy blonde in her big truck. Just as I remember. Maybe prettier. Hands on the steering wheel bouncing with excitement. Her huge blue almond-shaped eyes sparkled like galaxies. We spoke intimately, both of us learning we’d been in sexless relationships for longer than we deserved.
Conversing was quickly followed up with passionate straddling. Our tongues fighting for dominance. Hands roaming like friskings. Windows fogging like a cheesy movie. It was immediately established we needed a better location.
We slept together the first night she came over. It was spectacular. Better than I could’ve ever asked. We vibed so damn well. Plus, her innocently staring at me pulling her clothes off biting her lip didn’t fucking help either.
Something I learned immediately is she was being completely underutilized in her past relationship.  Her ex being too busy with other women.  Thank you, sir! I’ll take it from here. I assumed the dominant role on that sexy ass tiny frame from take-off.  Everything was surprising to her. I had immediate feedback to keep doing any damn thing I felt like doing. Elle had mentioned not needing lube in a conversation we’d had but…oh, so that’s what you meant. Fuck yes. We went at each other like there were glow sticks and pacifiers. It was erotic, sweaty, candlelit, exploitative, controlling. Basically The Notebook and 50 Shades all combined together.

A Romp Fest

Over the next couple weeks, we were continuously left speechless post-romp. I explored, she allowed. Humid room, wet sheets, scared pets. It was in one of our late night conversations when Liberator was brought up. We had been building trust in the bedroom and the sex was getting better by the day. Why not? I’d been sitting on that thing like a Bitcoin. It was finally time for putting the Liberator Esse to much better use.
Already a living fantasy, my ridiculous attraction to Elle was like a nightly porno. I’m getting harder than I can ever remember.  She gets so wet—I feel like I’m winning the Tour De France. We were going to break this thing in like a swat team.
Basically, it was the equivalent to losing my virginity.

The Spark is Back

My first impression was her straddling me with that sexy ass on the Liberator Esse. Basically, it was the equivalent to losing my virginity. That first experience of feeling like you’re going to fall out of your body. The angle she hit and held was indescribable. “OH MY GOD” leaked out of her mouth as she pressed all the way down with her feet firmly on the floor. She came within 10 seconds. It was almost immediate. The Liberator Esse gave us such control and depth. So much more than a bed and pillows.
I have a bit of an oral fetish. She gets adorably shy when she comes a lot. I get turned on. I lifted her off of me. She asked, “What are you going to do next?” I turned her around and laid her tummy on the fat hump of the Liberator Esse. Ass up, I crouched down using the middle cushion for my knees. Almost scared to ask, I whispered in her ear to spread herself open for me.
I’d like to point out at this exact point, I could’ve exploded into a billion feathers. Gazing at her absolutely stunning crevasses in the air glistening to candlelight. Time stopped. She laid quietly, back expanding trying to catch her breath. I reached with one hand for her tiny perfect ass. Exploring the elasticity of her muscle between my fingers.
“Who invented this thing?”  You CANNOT jungle gym a bed like this—too flat. Pillows suck! How did this sit and collect dust and laundry for months?

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!

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