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The Liberator Esse Experience

Share the Liberator Esse experience with a special friend, if you and your partner are inclined to do so. As the saying goes—sharing is caring. Put ‘em high, put ’em low! The balance and versatility of this Esse ensure the Eiffel Tower will not tumble. Plus, the view from up top is unparalleled. Forming a train? The hills make for a more exciting ride.

My wife (Nicole) and I have always kicked around the idea of having a threesome with our mutual lady friend, (Jane). We could not stop thinking about it ever since she mentioned that she and her partner were into that kind of activity. Because we’ve never done “that” before, we figured it was prime time for an alcohol-infused movie night.

Setting the Scene

The Liberator Esse reside perfectly in our living room mainly because no one would ever see it is a piece of sex furniture. And also because it is so darn comfortable. Jane claimed the Esse as her perch for the evening. While my wife and I made ourselves comfortable on the bean bag right next to it. We turned on a raunchy comedy and the night began.

Nicole got the party started by taking her top off at some point during the movie. Great excuse for getting comfortable! Jane laughed and did the same. So, here I am sitting next to two topless, beautiful women. I could not hide my excitement. Obviously, they both noticed and decided it would be fun to tease and entertain me.

And, Action!

Nicole pushed Jane back onto the Liberator Esse. They each took turns exploring each other’s breasts using their tongues, lips, and some playful nibbles. Their gorgeous bodies were enhanced by the curves of the Esse. It was beautiful seeing the arched backs and thrusting hips. Straddling the Esse, Nicole moved her chest toward Jane’s face. She dipped back down when it was her turn. Nicole pulled off her shorts and assisted in removing Jane’s sweatpants. I swear the fuse was lit!

Liberator Esse

Toy, Oh Toy!

Jane sat up and Nicole straddled her. At first, hands were running over thighs in between playful kisses. Playful turned into lustful. Delicate hands found their way between each other’s legs. I handed Nicole a strapless vibrating Tantus Feeldoe, our favorite sex toy. She led Jane to the small hump of the Esse and bent her over while kneeling on the detachable headrest. An excited and erotic “oh” left Jane’s mouth when the toy entered her.

In the Thick of It

My clothes flew off and I lounged back in the Esse. What a fabulous view of my wife going to town on our mutual friend. Jane took me into her mouth without any hesitation. I felt her moving forward with every thrust. Jane tightened her grip on me as she climaxed.

My wife was primed and ready for hers. She offered Jane the toy and began mounting cowgirl style. Her knees were placed on either side of the Esse, right next to by hips. Jane squatted between my legs behind Nicole, and ready for delivering the double trouble. I got to watch the spectacular show all while taking part. The whole time my eyes were locked with my wife and then Jane.

Unicorns Do Exist

My wife and I have never come so hard in our lives. All thanks to the outrageous curves of the Liberator Esse and our beguiling unicorn, it was thrice the fun!

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