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He takes you in his arms and slowly strokes your hair. You look deeply into each other’s eyes while your moist lips lightly brush. You fall seamlessly onto the bed with your bodies touching. Your heart is pounding with excitement! This is your moment, this is your time! Suddenly you arch up and let out a loud, “Owwwww, you’re on my hair!”

Sex and love are never as seamless as we think they will to be in our minds. That perfect partner is never as perfect as we imagine them to be. Here is a little news flash, neither are we! That accidental knee to the groin last time wasn’t easily forgotten. If you have found that special someone that you want to use your groove moves on, just keep in mind that love and sex takes practice, patience and sometimes a little laughter can’t hurt. Just make sure you aren’t laughing at inappropriate times, like for example, when they get naked!

Of course you want intensity when it comes to sex. But it doesn’t always have to be serious conversations and longing stares. Learn to add a bit of levity and laughter when things are less like ballet and more like a game of Twister. Which, by the way, can be fun too with the lights turned low and the right accessories!


If you can make each other feel comfortable and less self-conscious while discovering, then a laugh and a giggle can go a long way in a long-term affair. You will find that if you can laugh together in the bedroom you can learn to incorporate those same skills in dealing with those little things that will drive you up the wall later. The quickest way to end a small argument is to find the silliness in whatever the situation may be. Here’s a tip; if you can make them smile, you are half way to winning the battle!

So go ahead and make a joke when his hand gets tangled up in your gorgeous long locks! Afterward you can move right along to the serious task of laying down your best moves and those deep longing stares. You could also break out Twister and keep right on laughing, naked of course!