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We all have moments when aches and pains interfere with our sex lives. But for people with bad backs, it’s an entirely different story. Having severe, to even mild, back pain can completely dash all hopes of having an active and satisfying sexual experience. And that can be frustrating. No matter what position, the anxiety of experiencing discomfort always seems overshadow the immediate pleasure.

However, having any back, or other mobility issues does not mean being confined to occasional sex after the med’s kick in. There are ways to have an active sex life while keeping the back stable and supported. Here are a few of the hottest sexual positions for sore backs.

But First!

There are varying degrees of pain. For some, there is stiffness, where the muscles feel extremely tight and are slow to move. Then there are those with spinal issues, where any slight adjustment leads to sharp and pinching sensations. To alleviate some of the tension, we recommend, before having sex, trying some deep breathing exercises. To begin, start by exhaling, and then inhale a deep breathe in from the lower part of the diaphragm moving into your upper chest. Once your lungs are filled, gently and slowly release through the mouth. Do this a few times until you feel relaxed enough to move into position.

Building Blocks

The Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo is hailed the “greatest invention for sex since the bed.” It’s two products designed to help those with back pain too! For many, lying flat on a mattress is not the best option. There’s no leverage, and the back and forth motion from intercourse leads to pressure on the joints and can stress out the back. For women with sore backs, start by stacking the Wedge Shape at the end of the Ramp. You can adjust the pitch by moving the Wedge further up or down the Ramp. Once you found the sweet spot, simply lie back and relax. This off-the-bed position keeps the pressure off his joints as well.

Liberator Postion Guide

Mutually Beneficial

Back pain is not gender specific and can affect anyone of all ages and sizes. That’s why the Liberator Esse Chaise makes it enjoyable for all couples to embrace and connect while having the upper and lower back completely supported.  This position is especially effective for men with back issues because the width of the Esse Chaise lets the woman straddle without the struggle. Using her legs, she can move up and down, or use her hips for grinding action. The bottom partner can also get involved by using his hips and legs to thrust upwards, rather than pulling on the back muscles.

Liberator Postion Guide


Blissful Situation

There are plenty alternatives to sexual intercourse, especially those with severe back pain. Just because you are unable to get into the action does not mean you have to miss out on being sexually expressive. The Liberator Center Stage is a portable massage platform, with bolster, and allows couples to share the love through erotic touch and massage. The most effective position for lower back discomfort is to slip the support bolster under the hips to raise the pelvis. Your partner can then offer a heated oil massage with a happy ending.

Liberator Postion Guide

Pain Be Gone!

Orgasms are one of the best methods of relieving stress, pain, and tension. According to Lisa Stern, RN, MSN in Los Angeles, “The mechanism is largely due to the body’s release of a chemical called oxytocin during orgasm, which facilitates bonding, relaxation, and other positive mental states. Having an orgasm, although short-lived, can result in up to ten minutes of pain relief.” To facilitate this warm-fuzzy feeling is with the Liberator Caresse Heart Wedge. Designed for plus-sized figures, this plush-foam support Wedge offers ample space for women with sore backs to position themselves during oral sex. The notch at the top makes it easier for your partner perform longer oral sessions and won’t hurt his neck either.

Liberator Postion Guide

Cradle and All

Sometimes just a slight tilt in elevation makes all the difference in how your back reacts to pain.  The Liberator Hipster is uniquely shaped and provides several position possibilities, especially for those with mobility issues. Because of its gentle and body contoured design, your body will feel cradled and supported during sex. Offering a variety of scenarios, the Hipster lets you 1. remain propped up on the elbows, or 2. lie flat across the Shape. Adding to the comfort and sensual experience is its amazingly soft fabric cover.

Liberator Position Guide

Liberator Position Guide

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