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It’s the Year of the Dog and what better way to celebrate than with basic training guide to Human Puppy Play. The idea of pretending to be Man’s Best Friend is not for everyone, but for some Human Puppy Play is a fun, edgy kink that can open up new channels towards pleasure. It’s all about suspending your beliefs and escaping into a world that lets you feel free and playful. You have free reign to move past human behavior and release your animal instincts.

Here’s our basic training guide to understanding Human Puppy Play.

Human Puppy Play is not always about sex. In fact, this form of kink play offers couples the opportunity for shedding the human personality and exploring the carefree existence of being a playful pup. It allows the animalistic part of ourselves to emerge and is the perfect escape from complex human ideologies. Finding the animal within lets you focus life’s simple pleasures—be it companionship or affection. People in the fetish community say that Human Puppy Play “helps create stable and reliable bonds,” especially done with a trusted partner.

Human Puppy Play

Make Your Tail Wag

When it comes to human puppy play the rules are simple. There are none! You have the power of creating the scene. Take a moment and imagine how great it would feel to forget about your daily responsibilities and just have someone else take charge for a while. You can shape the relationship any way you desire. All it takes it a little imagination and the willingness to simply let go and play.

“Human Puppy Play seems to serve a psychological function that other kinks don’t always reach.”
Matt Baume, the Stranger

Doggie Style

Human Puppy PlayThe Human Puppy Play lifestyle means different things to different pups. For some players, it’s about developing a spiritual connection with their handler, and for others, it’s purely a sexual charge. Some Pup Play enthusiasts go all out and wear specialty gear such as hoods, tails, and muzzles. Donning gear can really help the pup get into what the fetish community refers to as “pup headspace.” For curious couples first starting out, wearing a leather collar and using a leash can be a great way of testing the waters without investing too much money.

Pup Persona

The great thing about being human is we have our own distinct personalities and characteristics. The same goes for dog breeds too. We all know that most Chihuahua’s are nervous and yippy, while Lab’s are obedient and loyal. You can create your own pup persona based on some of your own personality traits—or not! So, if you’re thin and petite and want to be an oversized St. Bernard, then go for it. Naming your pup is just as much fun as choosing the breed. Many pups choose a name they can use when playing. This also helps form your own pup persona.

Pet Smart

The basic premise of Human Puppy Play is one person is the pup while the other is the Handler-in-Chief. Just like any other roleplaying scenario, it’s important having an open line of communication. Discuss your goals and what you want to achieve before engaging in Pet Play. Do you want to let go of ego and drink from a bowl? How about being petting and adored while sitting on your master’s lap? May you just want to lick his bone all night. Whatever your desires during Pet Play, setting boundaries are just as important too. You both will depend on each other for emotional support. So, establishing a pet smart play is the first step in having a successful Human Puppy Play interaction.

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