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Guys, I know you’ve been here before. You’ve found her hot spot with your fingers or your tongue. She’s writhing in pleasure, so close to orgasms, she’s about to have one of those mind-blowing experiences. She begs you, “Right there, right there, Oh! Don’t STOP! OH!” Her voice is getting higher and higher. You’re extremely turned on by this display, but your back is screaming, your neck is so tight you’re sure it’s going to be in pain tomorrow, you’ve stopped breathing, and your hands are cramping so hard you have to stop. How do you build the stamina so that you can keep yourself pleasuring her for as long as it takes?

Here are 3 keys to improving your Stamina:


Liberator Decor Heart Wedge

Being tense takes a lot of energy. When you are tense, you usually stop breathing. Taking nice deep breaths gets more oxygen to the muscles and can help you in the long run. Think about running a marathon. If you stopped breathing, you definitely wouldn’t make it to the finish line. Relaxation is also about finding comfort before you get into that magical technique that has her nearing orgasm. In other words, make sure your body is comfortable before you begin. Using a Liberator Shape like the Decor Heart Wedge  will help tilt and lift her pelvis while saving your from crinking your neck.


It helps to strengthen your arms in a way that allows you to hold them in many of the positions necessary for her pleasure. Here is one of my favorites. Hold your arms up in the air, over your head, with your wrists relaxed, but move your fingers. Lift your heels and then drop down on your heels. Do this for for at least 15 minutes. Notice when the pain or tension sets in and keep breathing deeply. If at first you can only do 5 minutes, that’s okay, you can work your way up to longer periods of time.


This may sound like a oxymoron, but sometimes variety helps you stay on that hot spot. What I mean by variety is making use of other things that can help do what your body can’t. For example, if she loves that super fast flicking on her clit, but you just can’t keep it up at that rate, it’s time to pull out that handy clitoral vibrator like the LELO Ora 2.


There’s no shame in using some help. Or how about when your fingers just can’t roll her clitoris anymore? It’s time to use your lips to roll. The art of using a variety of tools is knowing exactly what spot you were in and with what pressure you were pleasing her. You’ve got to be able to get back to that.

Practice the strength exercises on your own. They will not only build strength, but also help you to notice when you get tense and when you stop breathing. When you are with your lover, make sure you are relaxed and if tension creeps in, breathe deep and see if you can relax even more. If it just gets downright impossible to keep going, call on one of your helpers to add a little variety. Good luck, and let me know your results, I’d love to hear them!