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In the 1950’s, Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg wrote an article for the International Journal of Sexology. He claimed to have found a spot on the vaginal wall a few inches from the opening on the side closest to the stomach capable of producing immense pleasure for a woman. This area has been mentioned in earlier sexual documents under different aliases, including the Art of Sexual Healing and the Kama Sutra, but because of Dr. Gräfenberg’s article, we now know that pleasure zone as “the G-spot.”

Since the G-spot was brought under the public eye, the existence of this area has been debated by scientists across the globe. Just within 2012, the G-spot was thought to be a myth by the British (but not the French) and was reported found during an autopsy in the United States. Some scientists claim that genetics should determine whether or not this bundle of nerves exists; others insist it acts as a muscle and will engorge or become more sensitive due to stimulation and use.

Despite all of the confusion, scientists are experiencing, many women and couples have spent countless nights in the bedroom trying to locate and stimulate this Holy Grail of erogenous zones. Stimulating the G-spot relies greatly on the position that you and your partner have chosen. Most sexologists recommend to stir this sacred spot during foreplay, which can be done by having the woman lay on her back, inserting a finger in the vagina with the palm facing up, and stroking the internal upper wall in a “come hither” fashion.

We at Liberator believe that the search is not in vain, and have designed many of our signature Shapes to end this treasure hunt among scientists and citizens alike. Designed with precise angles to create exact elevations, our products encourage the correct incline for both partners, turning you both into masters of the G-spot. We have gone through our inventory of sexual positions and narrowed it down to the three most likely to make her moan. If you would like to pump up the stimulation, even more, try adding a couples vibrator, such as the WeVibe 4 or the Lelo Ida.

The Standing Ovation

Recommended to pair with the Wedge, Hipster, and Wedge/Ramp Combo, the secret to this position is the elevated legs and rear end. This angle causes the penis to move upwards, stimulating the G-spot in an incredible way.

The Down Low

We encourage that you try this with the Wedge, Arche Wedge, or any of our products from the Jaz series, as the specific lift that these products give will turn traditional doggy style into an arousing position that zeros in on that special spot

The Wave

Not only is this position fantastic for allowing the female to control the stimulation, the closeness of your bodies will radiate intimacy. The curves of the Esse and Esse Chaise are specifically designed to give you the support and comfort to make this position last as long as you can stand.

Taking on the hunt alone? There are several toys that can help in your journey as well! The Lelo Hula Beads rotate and vibrate, giving you twice the sensations. If you would prefer to be in control, try combining our Wing with the Lelo Mona 2 or, for a non-vibrating option, our Bobo Glass Dildo.

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