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There are blow jobs and there are super-awesome-magnificent-awe inspiring-take you out of this world blowjobs. Don’t get me wrong—any blowjob is a good blowjob, but there are things that can make it even more special. It’s all about timing, enthusiasm, and concentration.

Let’s go over each individually. Let’s also assume that this isn’t your first cock-rodeo and you’ve had a dick or two in your mouth.


This is what defines a good experience from an extraordinary experience. At any given moment, your man is down for getting head. At the grocery store? He’s game. Doing your taxes? You’d better believe it. Go ahead and assume your advances will always be welcome.

But if you want to try and make it an even sexier adventure, make it spontaneous. Take a moment to pull him aside, and let him know you are thinking of his enjoyment. Opportunities are always there. If he just got home from work, help him unwind. If he just got in the shower, slip in and help him scrub down. Anywhere, at any time—unless he has made clear to you that he has boundaries, like being uncomfortable in public places. The main thing you relate is that you can’t wait anymore. You have to have him, and that is a huge turn on for guys. This brings us to our next focus point.


The backbone of any mind-blowing blowjob. Go after it like blowjobs are your job. It doesn’t take a lot of talk beforehand, and don’t even mention it to him until he’s in your hand. If you do talk, let it be about how you’ve been thinking about doing it and how hot it’s made you. Guys are sensitive too, and we can be shy about going after what you want. A little encouragement from you makes all the difference.

And whatever you do, don’t fake it. A lot of girls assume that theatrics are going to make the experience sexier, but sometimes they can be distracting. You don’t have to moan like you are in a porno or jump up and down like you just won the lottery. Just show him you are eager, be passionate about his pleasure, and be sloppy with it.

The right amount of wetness makes all the difference. Don’t be embarrassed or feel like you should be a dainty flower—a slobbery, wet mouth feels amazing. Like with penetration, the lubrication spreads sensation to his entire dick making it feel even more electric. In the rest of life, a bit of drool signifies hunger or crazy—both things he wants you to be, for his cock.

Also, don’t go too deep or choke if that’s not your thing. Although it can feel amazing, it isn’t necessary to go too far in. You can make up for depth with clever use of your lips or tongue. It should be noted, however, choking on it is a bit of an ego boost. It goes back to enthusiasm again—it shows that you are so into it, you pushed yourself beyond your limits.

If you think deeper will really get him off, and you want to go for it, don’t be afraid to try. Position and angle can help greatly. Make your throat a straight line from the middle of your mouth and down, like you are looking at something directly above you. If he’s sitting, get him close to the edge of the seat and sit on your knees a couple of feet away from him. Lean into him, pulling his erection down to your level and try to make a straight line out of your back, throat, mouth, and his penis.

If he is laying down, try laying across him as if to sixty-nine, lengthwise, and position his penis up towards his chin and tilt your head out as if you were looking above you. Another approach is to have him stand on the side of the bed and you lay on your back with your head draped off the side (see example below). All of these positions leave you in control and your throat open. Use that control to work up to it a little bit at a time. You might also be surprised how a little spittle can help going deeper as well. Use less suction and try to push your tongue flat to touch the top of your bottom teeth. This will also protect his underside. But above all don’t force it.

Spit or swallow? It really doesn’t matter; some guys really like a girl to swallow, but if you don’t or can’t, go with what you are comfortable with. Maybe more importantly, do whatever keeps you there and engaged throughout his orgasm and beyond. If you have to jump up and go to the sink, you might miss an important part. Guys penises are incredibly sensitive right after they cum but light touches and stroking his balls as he comes back to reality can really be a great ending, so try and have some tissues handy if you don’t think you are up for swallowing.

Also, you don’t have to take all night for this, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to feel that like you will. Make sure he feels like you are in no hurry and you are concentrating on making this feel as good as possible.


Not yours or his, but where and how much. This one relies on a bit of personal knowledge about the guy and what he likes. Once you find a few of his favorites, play them often and mix it up with something out of the ordinary. Who doesn’t like surprises, and anything you can think of he won’t be expecting shows that you have been anticipating and planning to please him.

Guys are all different, but in general his balls are going to be a great counterpoint to his cock. With balls too much stimulation can easily overwhelm but alternation of mouth suction and soft strokes to balls and perineum with fingers can work a magic all its own.

To find what he likes, explore a few of the essentials. How much you suck, how extensively you use your lips, and if you get your hands involved are all a matter of preference. Explore gently and see what he responds to. And leave your teeth out of it! That is a sad urban legend that few guys actually like. Listen up, and watch his facial expressions. You’ll know when you have hit the spot. And don’t assume speed equals pleasure. Set a rhythm and follow his lead. Most guys want to speed up as they approach orgasm, and the longer you can make it last the harder he will cum.

From there you can try a few extracurricular activities. For example, get the tip of his dick and your thumb slick with saliva, hold the shaft like giving a ‘thumbs up’ where your thumb rests on the underside the head and rub gently back and forth while lightly licking his balls. That spot on the penis is the most sensitive and pressure there is the cat’s pajamas. Another fantastic trick is to stimulate his penis with your hands while you suck gently on his balls. Lightly lick one and then the other, and then take one into your mouth while you stroke the shaft. Also, try pulling his dick up with your mouth and giving a slight tug to his balls. Pulling slightly in different directions makes the muscles so much pleasurable, like a good stretch.


There are a few tools of the trade that can help as well. Prop him up on a Liberator Hipster for better access and control. It’ll help relax your neck so you can go longer without getting sore and give you better freedom of movement. Plus the angle can put a slight pressure on the base, giving him the ability to go for longer. Best of all, he’ll know that he is the center of attention, and this is something special you are doing for him.

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Fast or slow, quick or long, if you are enjoying yourself and doing what you want to be doing at that moment you can’t really go wrong. And remember, ultimately, we want you, so make eye contact and connect with us. We want our partner to enjoy our enjoyment. We want to see your pleasure from ours. Trust me—he’ll like it way more than some cheesy Valentine’s card.