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I have a discerning vagina. Not only is she somewhat demanding, my vagina also thinks sex toys are an essential part of a healthy, daily existence. Now, my only complaint is that she gets bored easily and requires a new toy at least every other month or so. Not just ‘any’ toy, but something innovative and top-of-the-line. Since I’m personally responsible for this high-maintenance tenant, it’s important to keep her happy. It would be a shame if she moved out and left me with a heap of used sex toys. Plus, I would really miss her company. That’s why we have an agreement—I supply the toys while she provides the pleasure. It’s in the contract!

Recently, my vagina and I took an inventory of all the sex toys. It’s almost too embarrassing to reveal, but we’ve gone through (and this is not an exaggeration) approximately 100 toys. From clit stimulators to silicone dildos, to dual-action vibes, to magic wands—you name it, we probably have it. I’ve spoken with her about this excessive preoccupation with sex toys, and often I’m met with snarky remarks like, “It’s either this or designer shoes, and you know I can’t wear heels! Read the contract.”

Helloooo Emma

Svakom Emma ReviewBuying a new vibrator is like inviting a new lover into your bed. You have this ‘getting to know’ you period. But unlike a man (sorry guys) vibes come complete with some extensive user manuals. Whatever happened to the simpler times, when all you had were a couple of batteries and a twist knob? The vibes today are so hi-tech that vagina’s all over the world are becoming more and more spoiled, and therefore, demanding new experiences. Since I’ve run the gamut of sex toys, it was time for something special. Something that no other toy makers offers, something that could have the potential to offer complete satisfaction—radiant heat. The Emma Heated Vibe by Svakom was just what my vagina and I were looking for in a vibe.

Say My Name

Ohhhh Emma, Ohhhhh Emma. Whenever the mood strikes (which is every day) that’s all I hear—my vagina calling out, “ohhhhh Emma.” And this is why. First, the Emma vibe is wrapped in the softest silicone material. Her seamless design makes the whole masturbatory experience extremely user-friendly, and when used with an ample water-based lube, it glides across the skin like buttah. Although this vibe may appear compact, she actually packs a powerful punch and quiet motor. The positive is that most of the vibration is located the bulbous head. But what made this vibe entirely unique was its radiant heat function.

Liberator Svakom Emma Review

Heat Seeking

Ladies, if you’ve never had heated clitoral stimulation before, it’s time experience a whole new level of OMG! For women new to clitoral stimulation, I highly recommend you take this one slow and savor every morsel of divinely inspired pleasure before increasing the speed. Not only did the heat offer a different sensation, it had me climbing the highest orgasmic mountain ever traversed. I could honestly swear that the heat made one of my orgasms last for at least 30 minutes. Even following the orgasm, I could still feel the pulsating warmth radiating from between my legs.

Quack, Quack

Liberator Svakom Emma ReviewFor me, packaging plays a vital role in the unveiling of a sex toy. The way an item is packed indicates how a company cares about their products. On the website, the Emma looks just like any ordinary “magic-wand” style vibe. However, I assure whoever is reading this, that it is not. Really, if I could kiss the designer of this toy right now, I would! There, neatly packed in the box was my vagina’s new toy (if she had hands, there would be applause). However, after pulling out the toy, I noticed something that resembled, what I thought, was a pair of duck lips (not the official term, but that’s what I call them). This silicone v-shaped bunny ear attachment played a very important role in the whole foreplay and perfect orgasm thing.

Testing, Testing

Liberator Svakom Emma ReviewBefore my vagina comes close to any happy endings, I first try the vibrator out on my nipples—they also serve as my pleasure barometer. The great thing about the Emma is that it can be used with or without the heat, and with or without the duck lips attachment. Because the attachment is made from a flexible silicone, it worked like a dream to stimulate my nipples and breasts. I placed my nipples at in between the ears  and allowed the vibration to take over. This was definitely an added foreplay bonus.

Gee Willikers

Liberator Svakom Emma ReviewWhat orgasm isn’t complete without some G-spot stimulation? As you can imagine, the bulbous head of the Emma is not ideal for insertion. But it’s great when the silicone duck lips are attached. Once again, this vibe is very powerful, and with just a slight increase in speed, you will be able to feel incredible vibrations coming through. With the attachment, you now have several options that will make your vagina smile. The only disadvantage is the heat does not seem to penetrate through the layers of silicone. By squeezing the ears together, I was able to easily penetrate my vagina as the flared tips massaged my inner pleasure zone. This method felt similar to someone’s fingers but did not have the oomph I was expecting. However, with one minor adjustment, using one ear in and one ear out, I was able to simultaneously pleasure both the G-spot and clitoris with incredible results.

Liberator Svakom Emma Review

Orgasm Potens

It’s been nearly 3 months, and my vagina has yet to put in a requisition for a new toy. Perhaps Svakom has resolved the issue of my bored vagina? Each orgasm I experience feels different—some are long, some are powerful, and some just can’t be described. I think a lot of that has to do with the heat element. It really adds a new dimension to clitoral stimulation, and nothing’s better than a hot orgasm after a long day’s work. So for any bored vagina’s out there, if you’re looking to keeping yourself occupied, the Svakom Emma will do more than just give you a happy ending, it will warm your heart.

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