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Have you ever noticed that the thing you want most is what you can’t have? That’s the principle behind this game to take your lust up a notch. Go hands-free with these foreplay ideas and see how long you can go without pouncing on your lover.

ForeplayUndress with Success

Removing your partner’s underwear using your teeth is a classic, simply because it is so, so hot. Work your way down to their feet and lick your way back up again.

Boobie Boogie

Oil up those luscious tits and rub them all over your partner’s body. Add extra emphasis on your nipples and rub them lightly against the head of his cock.

ForeplayDirty Words

Whisper your hottest fantasies into your lover’s ear. Tell them in exact detail of how you are going to ravish them once you get your hands on them.

Mutual Satisfaction

Whip out those sex toys and get the party started. Take turns watching each other climax and show your lover exactly what they are missing. For another level, add a toy with a remote and control their pleasure from afar. They’ll beg for you to come over and drive them home.

Porn Theatre

What better way to get the engines revving than with some porn? The secret is to get so worked up you can’t stand it. If the visual doesn’t appeal to you, try logging into the orgasm library for an eavesdropping session on what others sound like while coming.

ForeplayThe Tastebud Challenge

Our tongues are wet, hard, and always ready to go. No prep work needed when giving hands-free oral to your partner. Add a kinky twist by binding their hands behind their back, or sit on their face while they are strapped into a Bed Buckler.

Watch the Sparks Fly

The penis is a beautiful thing and feels really good when hard. Tease both of you when you rub it up against her clit and resist the urge to plunge it into her for as long as your willpower can take it.

Tootsies Foreplay

Kill Bill’s Uma Thurman made wiggling her big toe famous in the back of the Pussy Wagon. Oil up your tootsies, and give your partner a fantastic foot job.


Take a lesson from the pros and give your partner a sexy strip tease. The most tantalizing thing is not being able to touch the goods as they are seductively waved in your face.