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Missed Part 1? No problem.

Imagine comfortably lying back in your dream recliner, however; instead of chips and football, you have wet sex and breasts. My initial impression of the Liberator Esse was that of a shock. All of the countless times I’ve had amazing sex on a bed, or other places, I’ve never experienced such comfortable control and freedom of so many positions. Not to mention the view.

Beds are great, but they’re flat. And don’t forget limiting. Couches or furniture can definitely give you a fun change of pace and different angles. But then again, only 5-6 realistic positions maybe? Not only are home furnishing limiting, guests also sit on that shit. I can have sex everywhere in my house and still have some couth.  That’s why I bought the Esse in the first place. I wanted and needed more than a giant, flat rectangle.

The Tease

Making love with Elle is my current favorite thing on earth.  Her sexy body, tight tummy and sexy breasts almost make me lose consciousness. Once I knew shit was going down on the Esse, I asked if I could watch her ride me. Her common and reluctant shy responses vary. But today was, “Are you surrrrre”? Her timidness turned me on even more.
She gave into her passion and happily let me help broaden her experiences. “So lie down,” she stated as I eagerly obeyed.
I was overcome with boyish excitement while lying in the velvety curve of my merlot Esse. I watched her approaching. There she was–a tiny wet blonde placing one foot to my right side and then another half step to my other. While standing directly over me, I watched as she squat positioning and put me inside of her. Eyes locked, Elle stared at me with excitement.
I placed a hand on her upper thigh expecting her to sit on me. This is where her nervousness took over a bit. She crossed her arms over her breasts and turned away slightly. I asked her if she was ok. She said, “Yeah, it’s just that..” I responded, “Is it a little overwhelming”? She said “Yes. But in a good way. I like it.” That was all I fucking needed to hear.

I stood up and placed my hands on her face. Dominantly pressing my tongue into her mouth just the way she likes, I pulled her into my hardness. She moaned and in tandem, we eased our bodies onto the Esse. The room flooded with a collection of moans and ahh’s, followed by Elle’s exquisite summarization—“Fuck babe, you’re deep.”

The genius of the Liberator Esse design was made apparent as she squished down on me. It’s like we were able to tuck into one another like a Ying Yang. The ability to drive my feet flat from the ground gave me an unusual amount of added stability for thrusting. On a bed, the physics just don’t allow it—and I’m physical.

Going the Distance

Elle’s sexy petite legs squeezed the outside of my hips and she wiggled herself into position. I just watched, leaving her to explore where felt good to go with depth and speed. I was easily inside of her and with zero effort. Like 2 pillows under the hips and knees to chest deep—with ease. Before I could get the words out of my mouth she repeated: “You’re so deep.” Uh, yeah I am and was also in a comfortable reclined position. Two thumbs up from me so far.

In my mind’s eye, I felt like my whole body was inside her. It was incredible. Always a turn on when you can make your girl’s eyes go big. I gripped lightly on her hips, then I started flicking them towards me a little. Slowly taking control, progressing to squishing her down and towards me. Once I noticed her positive reaction, I wanted to see how fast and how much Elle would come. I was honestly going for the WOW! factor.

I quickly walked my fingertips from hips to her ass cheeks for better control. Her ass was now under the control of my fingers. Spreading her open a little, my thumbs wrapped up to the crease of each hip. I squeezed my glutes forward, locking them in place and increased the pace. I rhythmically pulled her towards me and pushed her away. Instinctively, I squeezed my feet to the base of the Esse. I was going for the gold which did not take long at all.

Elle doesn’t usually take long to climax. But this one was very quick and intense. Her usually clean language turned into a more soft-spoken profanity. Plus the erotic addition of increasingly loud wet sounds. This is where things got kinky. To me, hearing my partner become gushier drives me up the wall. It’s the best. I was desperate to put my tongue inside her.

Tounge Tied and Twisted

As I lifted her off she asked, “What are you doing?” I whispered in her ear, “Can I do what I want”? She answered, “Yes.” I placed the center speed hump, what they call the Mini-Scoop, back into the middle of the Esse. I guided her around to the large curve and bent her over. Placing her hands on the center with her ass is up in the air, I put my tongue in before into her from behind.

Elle loses her mind with I go down on her. My face is all wet and everyone is happy. The great thing about the Liberator Esse design is I can press my face into her from behind as much as I wanted without pushing her over. The foam core has almost no give so it keeps you in place. She was pushing her ass back at me as she became more and more turned on—which made me crazy. I had to fuck her some more.

I stood up and slid my incredibly hard dick right inside her. Because she collapsed onto her elbows, she opened herself up without trying. I barely needed to spread her ass apart to enter. The angle was amazing. Her body was in the position of a leaning 7. My penis could feel every detail of her inner wall as I slid in and out slowly at first. Regular doggie never gave me this positioning. I’m not discounting regular sex—this is just different. It’s new. There’s so much variety. I picked up the pace as quickly as I felt Elle could take it. With every few thrusts, I went a little deeper and spread her cheeks apart a little more.

What day is it? Where am I again?

I basically lost track of what positions we did after this because it turned into a 2-hour multi-orgasmic event. For both parties. I forgot I was a human. She said she felt the same. Cumming many many times. I do know somewhere in the middle I had her ride my face. As I keep saying I love giving her oral and I love it when she’s so wet. She simply straddled me as I laid back and she leaned on the curve with her arms. Ramming her beautiful pussy into my mouth. It was incredible.
After that night, we talked about it over text for days. Passing seemingly boring days at her desk reliving all the new juicy memories we had to share. As our conversation progressively got dirtier something amazing happened.  We started fantasizing about different things we could do on it next time, which has now become our favorite pastime. Just looking at this thing in my bedroom gives me joy.
It’s like looking at a Ferrari I bought, just for sex.

It sits waiting to be used for a great time. We have continuously used the Esse for multiple roof-burning evenings, and I have many many more things I’m dying to try. Liberator has amazing position guides on their website that I found very useful. I’d look up positions and send them to Elle at work to mess with her. It’s really added a whole new refreshing touch to sex for me.

If you love sex more than you think most people do, or you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and need something new I cannot suggest this anymore. It’s just wonderful.
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