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The Ladies Love Finger Sex

A husband calls his wife and says, “Honey, I’m on my way to the hospital. I cut off my finger.”

The wife replies “Your whole finger?”  “No”, he says, “the one next to it.”

When was the last time you gave or got a some good finger sex? When done right, a “feel-up” session can bring on intense orgasms. Fingers are the original sex toy—they feel delightfully stimulating, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, and they are great for initiating foreplay. To celebrate the joy of having digital (no, not the technology kind) sex, we’ve cooked up some finger-licking recipes—making for a  no-holes-barred adventure for your and your partner.

Mise en Place

Most women have been fingering themselves since they’ve discovered their clitoris. It is best to realize that when you are on her playing field, you are a mere amateur. The pro is underneath you and she already knows the art of the finger-bang. So, much like an architect, you’ll have to survey the land before you go digging around. In other words, don’t act like a revved-up teenage boy, getting in-between panty access for the first time. Take it nice and slow buddy.

The saying ‘you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all’ does not apply here. A woman’s vagina is a hodgepodge of anatomical wonders. Not all parts of a woman’s genital area are the same nor can they be stimulated in the exact same way either. One woman’s clit rub is another woman’s g-spot tap. Not all vaginas take the same kind of stimulation, so finding the right combination is really about paying attention. (Moaning = good and jerking = not good).


With this appetizing finger sex methods, you’ll need to prep-n-prime with some lube. Sit between her legs and start off with the palm of your hand facing down. Insert your middle finger all the way in, then turn your hand so that your palm is facing up and comes out. Your pace should be slow and deliberate. When you turn your hand so that your palm faces up, tap her clitoris with your thumb each time. Repeat it as often as necessary until she climaxes.

Hor d’Oeuvre

Sitting in front of her with your palm facing up, insert your middle finger just inside her vagina and make a “come hither” motion. Your objective is to try to tap her belly button from the inside—in effect hitting the G-spot. Don’t get aggressive right away, however. Start off slowly and, judging by her reaction, keep the same pace or increase speed. After insertion, gently pump your fingers in and out. Then when she least expects it, run your fingers along the vaginal roof toward her pubic bone and press on the spongy gaggle of nerves located behind the wall. By maintaining pace and timing, her head will most likely explode from sheer delight.

Half and Half

If you and your partner enjoy experimenting and have explored the back-end before, this one finger sex technique may be quite enjoyable. Start with a teasing vaginal insertion of the middle finger and slowly dip in and out. As she responds, begin by inserting up to the first finger joint and then to the knuckle. If you think you can fit two or more fingers, go for it—but only if she favorably responds. While you’re using your index and middle fingers in her vagina, gently slide your pinkie finger into her anus. While you go in and out, both holes will be stimulated simultaneously.

Creme Brule

This finger sex technique requires a good amount lubrication. With your index and middle fingers, start off by placing the tips of your fingers on either side of her clitoris, then glide down and make your way inside her vagina. Go back to where you started and keep repeating this maneuver. You can vary your motion from up-and-down, to circular from fast to slow. After she is worked up, move down with a stroking motion and while spreading her labia apart. Use your index finger to tease the opening of her vagina.

Bowl Mixer

When she’s adequately lubricated, use the tips of your index and middle fingers to rub her clitoris softly in a circular motion. You can pull back the hood and gently press down on her clitoris with three or four fingers while kissing her lips and sucking her nipples. Her reaction will let you know that you’re on to something good. Continue your pace of finger sex and slowly begin to increase speed. At no point, however, should you go so fast that you end up losing focus or over-stimulating her genitals.

Pudding Pie

If you can manage to use both hands for finger sex try different tempos, she’ll keep getting wet. While using the tips of your fingers on one hand to rub her clitoris in a soft circular motion, use the index and middle fingers of the other hand to glide in and out of her vagina. The multiple sensations will serve to increase her chances of reaching orgasm. It’s not a race—you don’t have to go as fast. Just keep a steady rhythm. If she wants it faster, she’ll let you know.

Dolce de Leche

Once you’ve managed to arouse your lover’s mind, her body will soon follow. Let her know how sweet she really is by giving her a little taste of her climax juices. Take your orgasm-covered fingertips and slowly run them across her lips. When she’s all revved up—she won’t hesitate to demonstrate her sucking abilities. If you want to let her taste more, then why not wrap your mouth around her privates and give her a deep, tasty, wet kiss.

Through the sense of touch, you’ll be fully immersed in manipulating an orgasm. When you’re using your fingers, you’ll be able to predict what she’s feeling by her reactions and expressions. Of course, you should encourage her to be vocal about what she likes. If she begins breathing heavy and saying “Yes! Deeper! Faster! More!”, then it’s quite likely that she wants to devour you. So go on—reach out and touch someone —but wash those hands and clip those nails, because it’s going to be a wet ride!

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