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Sexual escapades shouldn’t screech to a halt for a week just because of your period. In fact, period sex can be amazing – there are lots of benefits and relatively few drawbacks. Sure, it can be messy, but we have a GREAT solution for that problem. So, if you tame your embarrassment, prep your bedroom and embrace the natural wonders, you’ll discover why you should say “Yes!” to period sex. Join us as we explore the ups and downs of intimacy during the red moon. 

Bloody Benefits

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What are the benefits of period sex? Well, for starters, it can relieve the symptoms of PMS like cramps. The contractions from sex can shorten your period too. Period sex might help migraines and headaches.  There’s no loss of sexual intimacy if you have period sex. For prolific couples, waiting a week for sex to resume is frustrating. You lose connection and get antsy. 

Thanks to the menstrual flow, you have lots of extra lubrication that feels great. Women may also find that they have a higher sex drive during their periods or have increased sensitivity. It might be easier to orgasm and things will feel heightened in new ways. Period sex releases hormones that relax the pelvic floor, ease cramps and relieve tension.

I never experienced severe PMS or cramps until after I got an IUD. For six months, it aggravated my uterus and wreaked havoc. My periods became extremely heavy (stretching out to a full 7 days of ridiculous bleeding that soaked ultra tampons in 2 hours), my moods went wild, and I had miserable cramping. The only saving grace was period sex. The endorphins eased the symptoms and the continual, uninterrupted physical connection with my partner smoothed out my ragged emotions. There was just one bright red problem.

Dripping Drawbacks

Once upon a time, I didn’t have period sex. In my 20s I assumed that all men were grossed out by menstruation. Fast forward a few years and the landscape changed. Sure, some guys were hesitant to enter the red tent, but some were completely unfazed. In fact, one guy was THRILLED to get his “red wings” (as he so eloquently put it). Haha. We tried sex in the shower, but it wasn’t comfortable. Same for towels. Towels don’t protect the surfaces under them and weren’t necessarily soft to the touch. Even with towels, I bled all over things. Argh.

I think most people encounter the same drawbacks with period sex. We worry about the mess going everywhere because blood stains fabric and is difficult – nay, impossible – to get out of bedding and upholstery. There are stigmas to consider and the potential for embarrassment.

You might worry about bacteria, smells or pregnancy. Unfortunately, blood is a good medium for bacteria. If you’re super-worried about infections, use condoms for sex or a dental dam for cunnilingus. Period blood smells heavily of iron, but isn’t offensive. Yes, it is possible to get pregnant during your period. If that’s a concern, wrap that cock in a condom.

Maybe you think period sex is gross or wrong. Ladies, we have been conditioned to think that our periods are shameful or dirty somehow. Period sex doesn’t make you gross or weird. Periods are a natural marvel. Yes, it can lead to some wet, squelching noises. I like to have music playing to cover any sex noises. You might also worry about period trots (a common side effect as your body emits hormones to expel the uterine lining). Stay well hydrated, eat foods like bananas and oatmeal and take Imodium AD as needed. I know, super sexy topics.  

Having your period heightens physical and emotional sensitivity too, which can be a great thing or overwhelming at times. I used to cry every month on the day before my period started and have a migraine. Now, I find that my cervix gets extremely sensitive. Sharp, deep penetration is painful, so I prefer slower, shallower thrusts during my period. Encountering pain during period sex? Change positions, try a cock donut (OhNut is fabulous brand) or take some ibuprofen.

Whew! There are a lot of things going on…biologically speaking. So, what’s a bloody babe to do?

Fascinator Flow

Two Women on Gray Fascinator

Back to Red Winger…we hit it off and didn’t let anything slow us down. There was only one major problem — the MESS. I hate using menstrual cups, and from my experience, men don’t like the way they feel either. Some ladies swear by diaphragms too, but interrupting foreplay kills erections. We would proceed anyway, sans barrier, at peak flow. The bedding was destroyed and the sofa looked like a crime scene. We needed something to manage the mayhem! 

Enter the best invention for period sex ever. THE FASCINATOR. Liberator designed this washable, dryable, velvety-soft throw with a fluid-proof inner liner, so liquids can’t seep through the material. You can bleed all over it and not a drop will touch your duvet, sofa, car seat, etc. We use a king-sized Fascinator to cover our bed. The thick, plush fabric feels amazing against your skin and soaks up any fluids. Be aware that oil-based liquids can stain the Fascinator (basically, don’t let oil-based lubes or massage oils pool on the fabric for a long time — clean it up, sooner rather than later, after sex). We use our Fascinator ALL THE TIME. Neither one of us gets stuck sleeping in a wet spot anymore.

The regular or travel size are perfect for romps on beds, sofas, and other furniture. The mini is fantastic for small spaces, but might not give you enough acreage if your flow is super heavy. Liberator also makes a Fascinator Toy Pad, which is a convenient landing spot for lube, toys and massage oils, protecting your nightstand from spills and germs. 

Fascinator Toy Pad on Nightstand

By the way, don’t worry about the Fascinator’s absorbency – it will soak any fluids up and not let them bleed through. When you feel the density of this amazing throw blanket, you’ll understand. The Fascinator makes the after-sex cleanup nearly effortless. When your red rodeo is over, toss the Fascinator in the washing machine on cold and tumble dry low. Your throw will be fresh and clean for the next adventure!

(You can use the Fascinator to protect your bedding and other surfaces during anal sex. And, it’s a must-have for squirters, too!)

Magnificent Moon Time

Even though period sex has its challenges, passion and spontaneity shouldn’t sidelined during that time of the month. The Fascinator unleashes a world of possibilities, offering both practicality and pleasure. So, next time you find yourself pondering whether or not to get bloody, remember that with The Fascinator, you can confidently choose to let love flow, mess-free. Say “YES!” to period sex with The Fascinator as your trusty, fluid-proof wingman!

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