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Great awkward moments are often created by leaving your naughty toys out in the open and having either your children, roommates, or parents find them. Thankfully, for the people that like to leave things on display, there are some amazingly designed sex toys that look more like modern art than, let’s say, a giant latex wobbly sausage.

All of the embarrassment aside, sex toys, these days, are pretty freakin’ awesome. Sex toy designers and inventors have made it possible for all of us to enjoy discreet and stimulating company whenever the mood strikes. With sleek and innovative design features, we can now have our pleasure devices within arm’s reach and not worry about interrupting the flow of passion. So, whether you live in a home full of kids, or just want to get on an airplane and not worry about the TSA discovering how you like to get off, these toys won’t reveal your dirty secrets and can either be hidden or proudly displayed.

Petite and Sweet


LELO Mia is the perfect example of a discreet vibe. Shaped similar to a lipstick container, the Mia recharges via a USB port and packs a strong motor with almost no sound.  At close to four inches tall, it let’s you leave it out, unnoticed, or carry it along with you in a purse or weekender bag. With a toy this discreet, you could take it out in public, and nobody will even give it a second glance. Feel free to openly enjoy this one and not bother anyone else nearby.

Quick, Like a Bunny

djwlhartThis adorable little vibe may look child’s play, but don’t let the Doc Johnson Heavenly Heart fool you. It has some powerful features that will blow your mind. Made entirely of medical-grade silicone, it has a textured shaft made for spot-on clitoral stimulation, and the bulbous head goes right to the G-spot. The Heavenly Heart has a number of powerful, concentrated vibrations which operate nearly silent, and the vibrating tip is flexible for great maneuverability. This little pocket-rocket also travels like a pro and never gives anybody a reason to wonder.

svakom1Heat Seekers

Not only is this heated massager designed for the unique curves of the female body, but it looks innocent enough to leave out or even use in public. The Svakom Emma Heated Massager, with removable curved adapter, could just as easily be used for a heated shoulder or back massage, with or without vibration. This non-phallic and non-sexual looking all-over body massager could even be left out with giving anyone a reason to think any wiser. Although this one does not appear to be naughty, the powerful clitoral vibrations and patterns make it remarkably so.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

tengaNow men can have their cake and beat it too. The Tenga Flip Hole looks more like something from an episode of Star Trek than a deeply pleasurably male masturbation sleeve. But don’t be deceived, because inside the modern looking housing, is a series of well-crafted, spongy silicone nubs that stimulate with every stroke. It’s no wonder why it sells like hot cakes, with names like the Gentle Stroker, Firm Stroker, Ripple Zone, and Brushing Rib men can experience a variety of sensations—almost like having sex with a different woman, every day of the week. When you’re done, simply open it up, and rinse it out for next time. For busy men that travel, you could leave it out anywhere, and no one would bat an eye.

ohmibodSecret Seductions

How about a toy you can use in public without anybody knowing? The OhMiBod Club Vibe is a thong with a remote control, and removable, contoured vibrating pad which can easily be positioned for clitoral stimulation. The powerful vibrations excite anytime and anyplace, whether she’s home, visiting friends, or out enjoying dinner and a movie. Like any remote controlled sex toy, this one can be a lot of fun by controlling the vibrations yourself or handing the reigns to someone else. Teasing and pleasing is a click away, and so much fun when nobody is looking.

Bedazzle That

diogol_goldLet’s face it, anal toys look exactly like—anal toys.  Leave one out in the open, and someone will wind up making you the butt of a joke.  But with the Diogol Anni-Heart Shape Anal Toy, you’ll want to put yourself shamelessly on display. Made from body-safe aluminum, these sexy plugs have a slim tapered shaft which makes it easy to insert, and comfortable for extended wear. Not only will your bum-bum look sexy—it will actually look like a work of art. With a beautiful light reflecting, heart-shaped Swarovski crystal, and sleek lines this toy is ultra-portable work of art.


The Jimmyjane Hello Touch is an innovative toy that gives your lover an exacting, vibrating touch.  The silicone finger pods fits snuggly on the fingertips, and without making a sound, can stimulate the clitoris, labia, G-spot, and any other erogenous zone. Being the smallest fingertip vibrator, the Touch makes a great travel companion. Simply pack it your suitcase, and let the fun begin upon your arrival. Completely waterproof, and disguised in non-sexual colors, this vibe can be used while in the shower, bath or hot tub.

Nothing to See Here


Maybe you’re the kind of person who believes toys should be heard and not seen. If that’s the case, the Liberator Moto Waxed Canvas Toy Bag will keep all kinds of people guessing—what’s in your bag? The best disguise for any sex toy, from discreet to large, is a fashionable and edgy bag that can be carried with pride. No one would ever imagine, that inside, there is a menagerie of pleasurable delights like vibrators, dildo, G-spot stimulators, lubes and lotions. Completely multifunctional, this bag lets you express your fashionable, yet naughty side too—just remove the leather handle and use it as a connector for wrist cuffs.  Keep everything securely out of sight and attach a small lock to the reinforced double-zipper.